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I have a fear that I’ll be different from everyone

Else. All this fear and agony squeezing me like

A belt.


Worrying about what other people think can

Change who you are. For all you know, you could’ve been

a shining star.


I’ve never set apart, I always walk with the crowd

If I’m different I shouldn’t feel depressed, I

Should feel proud. I’m afraid that to

Everyone else I’ll be weird, I wish I could

Let go and all my fears disappeared.


Maybe being different is good? If it was then I

 wouldn’t have to hide under a fake personality,

using it like a hood. I’m different and if people

found out then I would become insignificant.


I’m different and I don’t want people to know. To

them I would be some freak-show. They say,

“Don’t worry, I’m your friend.” Little did

I know that was just pretend


I’m different and to hide behind something

I’m not is ignorant. I want to yell it from the highest

Of hills, I’ll be so loud everyone will

Get chills.


People could point and stare and I would

Just not care. The only opinion I care

For is mine and other people should just take the sign. 

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