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“Ah, it looks like Mother Nature isn't too happy this mornin’.” Gram winks at me, her tan,wrinkly skin crumpling up like old leather. “Although, when is she happy anymore….?” Her eyes glaze over as she becomes hypnotized by something I clearly can't see.

“Gram?” I ask.

“Yes, darlin’?” She snaps out of her daze.

“What’s Mother Nature unhappy with?” I wrap a piece of my thick, curly hair around my finger.

“Baby, there's too many things to list, but I guess most of all it would be us.” Gram rubs her stained hands together, creating a soothing sound.

My nose twitches slightly. “Us? Without us, there ain't woulda been no Mother Nature!”

“Hmm, I s'pose you right child.” Gram smiles, showing off her four-tooth grin. Her smokers’ lips disappear for a split second.“But don't forget your grammar now. ‘There woulda been none Mother Nature’ is the right way to say it. Hehe, but you sure do know how to tell ‘em, don't you?” She laughs, but I still don't understand.

A dark storm cloud forms above our heads. The rain washes a crumpled fast food bag down the street and out of view.

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