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Fun Night Out
How I got on the roof of the Walmart, I wasn’t sure, but what I did know was that I only had two cigarettes left in my pack, a broken bottle, a pool of blood, and a pounding headache.
Eyes fuzzy, I didn’t dare move from the ground. I lit the first, taking a deep drag and exhaling with a sigh. I was so tired. I looked out at the parking lot vista and managed half of a smile. It was late but the lot was still brimming with weary mothers, bored teens, and the symphony off revved engines. All under a dark denim sky, frayed with worn, feeble stars, a sight so beautiful I could cry. I was so tired.
I felt a wetness growing around my body as the pool of molten crimson grew larger. I looked at my soaked and heavy arms, streaks of fire down each vein, and wept with the stars. Listening to the rhythm of slamming car doors,and wind-swept plastic bags, I steady myself with another sweeping inhale of the cigarette, so, so, tired. I decided that this was a beautiful place to die.

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