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My comforter is as hard as a rock making me turn causing a ruckus. Life changes; being praised by millions living the dream to being a 45 year  old slump living on the edge of society. Drugs have taking a toll on me changing the way I am, making me depressed. I get up from the hard bed and decide to get up and talk to Ronnie Holmes my old friend I met a while ago. He is a very mysterious man lacking emotion. There he is drinking coffee looking at the city through the window wearing his fedora with his charming slick black suit bringing out his white smile. He looks at me “you woke up early.” He said emotionlessly.  His eyes were blue, glaring at the sunlight reflecting upon the beautiful city. He reminds me of someone….. But who.

“You know who..” said Ronnie  staring me with a straight look

I started to stutter and say “How  did you ..”

“Don’t lie to yourself .”  Ronnie interrupted

I started to choke with fear.

“ Look at me” said Ronnie

I trembled and looked in Ronnie's direction, he was gone.

I did know who he was…… my old self

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