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AntiSlavery men sliul i uever penn't i proper nppurtanily, fjr l"'g''g 'he considfration tf ftieir principies Ujiö'n their neiglibom anH the. publi-, to pa sunimproveí. We aie ofu n placed in e i ron m. btnnces vhere we can say sorneiliing, thu;igh it bn but a fv wpids, in behalf of ;lie slave ; or where, n' leaal, we can It-t it be known ihat we are tiie s!ava'. i'riei.ds ; nnrf, n a consVqu nee, tha weighiof u'r ii.flncnce, wh:iteer il may be. will be rxerte.iJ ir: belialt'of tl. e oppifsed. Greot fvents oficn spring fron smnll causes. A fbv woiMs or sentenoes k inrit y spoken, yot in a nrmner tn show tliat we finiily believe wliat we are snyinp, mny be the mrans of entirely ciiangng i!ia opininns of .- friend on the most impoi-iatit subjcts. A 'tile troet may ivnl;iuonizc kn entire communiiy. An inciiient liere occurs t.t tny mind which may b?. worili lelaling. 1 was tarrying for liie nitlit at the hospitabla ■PsiiiPticc cf a strnngw. Tlis Hi"ank and kind mam. er in whlcii I ai tre i'e soon cbnvinced n o ihat liis hrart as ful! nfgemrne brnevolonno ; and his '■onversntinn sh' we i that'he had nt nelected mental u'ti va'ion, tier leen an inait'-ntivp olirerverof pj-sing oventi. - In a shui't limo tne convprs:ition turned npon pi)! tioal su'.ijpc'p, and 1 entured to ask - a-i I lind alraaiy decide;l In iny own inind - il' I migbt consitlor h;m in aboütinnist. "Cr;atii1v," unid he. '1 c-m he nolhh'g pise." After a few ieai:irks a fonlfiwp.f, '! u-ns n WlMg lili the suminer of '44, when onc dav a f, Phd.whom I was isitinp, ut Into my haiiiis tlirei y, witli t'::e r. q'ie-it that I Would i eid ih"m a'tenrvplv. 1 tik ihm home ; ren 1 ti.em once.twic, ihr.e linie, ná saw iha', as an honest man nnd a christian, l eould bo a Vh;g no longer. Eider , a Bip ist preaehef, üved npar me. I tok tho tr.icts Ihnt h"d eniglilenrd rni oorertel ms, and went to ■ee liini. 'Eider,' miri 1, 'hatare your poltie?' 'Demorrntic.' snid I e. 'Welt, [ ccint'nipfi. 'ore yftü snti-fied with your Denvicrn'-y }' 'N.i,' replied he, 'and npver ns. Dut cm we do ï I brliovc l ought to bo an abolitlonist, but there is no organization here- no party -no votos - no vniing.' (VVeil,1 sa;d 1. wlietlier nny otliers vote it or nut, 1 nm an nb liiionist, nnd símil vo e t tliis ÍVI.' 'Not nlone,' crieii tho Eider in light good eirnest, 'I nm withymi, he-m and han 1 ;' ■ nd he read He tracts, :md hh tvaí wiili mo anda min w iob"ird wiíh hip fa ihem, and he wi s il!i me, too. Ve .ip■poinlfd n nuteling "t the brk-k schoul linuso, nnd the e'd'r lec'UreJ, and I leotured, nnd ye nJJ Ictuied ; and, in thí fall, ve hp'.d n lare meeting in file 'iinr1 hous.1. n nd Uvj or linee g-j id fe'lows carne ot froin P - , nnd ue hain fi't íaic time, and wlio election carne, we carriel oiir principies tu the ballot box ; and, sir," mHdfd he, tiis ee briglitening wiih joy, 'we aro s,truig un." Reader, go nd o tikewise ; aml, when anothsr election day arrivés, niay yno, loo, he nhle to say with truth, ' ice areslrong non:" Mundy, GciiPee Co., Jan. 1, '43.