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Running through the jungle I realized I didn’t have a clue where I was and I’m extremely lost. My legs kept pumping knowing that slowing down the Junglemen would kill Jack. The pain surging through my body was unbearable yet I continued to run. Over the last three days while searching for my brother, I’ve received multiple cuts bruises and possibly a couple fractured bones. Although, none of that matters. The ultimate goal is to find Jack before the clock strikes twelve...before his fifteenth birthday .

Jack, mom, dad and I are humans with supernatural abilities. Hence the name: Supernaturals. Each supernatural usually has one power. If they’re lucky they’ll have two. I (Holli Peerman) have one: flying. It’s an awful power considering I’m not allowed to fly. Me flying, would allow humans to find out my family consists of supernaturals. Every two hundred years a Chosen One is born. A Chosen One is a Supernatural with an infinite amount of powers. No one truly understands how the Chosen One is selected. Supernaturals tend to steer clear of the Junglemen. Junglemen are a group of humans who want to steal the power from supernaturals to give to themselves. Junglemen are all over the world, waiting and getting ready for another Chosen One to be born.

Since we found out Jack was the Chosen One 11 years ago, my family has been preparing for something terrible like this to happen. At the age of 15 his powers will manifest making him the the most powerful being on earth. Junglemen from all over the world will attempt to steal his power, killing Jack in the process. You would think with eleven years to prepare, Jack would be safe inside with his family. NOT AT ALL.  My parents wanted to give Jack a couple more nights of a normal life before all the madness began. We decided to take him to Chili’s, where he could order his favorite quesadilla. After ordering our appetizers the power abruptly went out. There wasn’t a storm that night so it couldn’t be the wind or rain. Suddenly the power came back on and Chili’s wasn’t missing any food or money… it was my brother that couldn’t be found. Immediately, my family knew what was happening so we didn’t make a big deal out of it to the others in the restaurant. This is the day the hunt for my brother began.

Running as fast as humanly possible instead of flying made my legs ache. I decided running was the best way to stay conspicuous, opposed to someone floating around in the sky. I almost ran past a very well camouflaged building that was without a doubt the Junglemen’s headquarters. There was nothing in sight for miles in any direction of the building. Slowly creeping my way through all the trees I stopped at a 15 ft tall electric fence. There was a large presence of guards on this side of the building. Simply flying over was not an option without getting caught. Continuing to walk around the building looking for an entrance, I stumbled upon an opening in the gate with no guards surrounding it. Quickly I flew to the roof where there was an entrance to a stairwell. The time was 11:50 pm and with seven floors in the building there was a lot of ground to cover in such a short time. Floor seven, six, and five were all empty with no signs of my brother. On floor four I entered a room that contained cramped torture spaces for human beings. There were at least five different spots and one of them was Jack.

I  ran over to him after checking and noticing there was no guard. Jack was suspended in the air in a star position with shackles holding his hands and feet. The shackles were connected to big glass orbs that were waiting to suck all the magic out of my little brother.

“Jack! Jack are you okay? Did they hurt you?” I bombarded him with questions. Although it was very obvious he was in pain looking at all the cuts on his chest.

“Holli is-is that you? How’d you get here? You need to leave before they come back.”

“I’m not leaving! We’re gonna get out of here together! I’m gonna get you home and we are gonna enjoy a quesadilla!”

After an extremely long three days the sight of my brother made me smile. I checked my watch and it was 11:59, there was no time for a reunion, I needed to hurry.

“Jack where is the key for these shackles?”

A limp finger pointed towards the far wall. I ran like a cheetah and grabbed the key. Unlocking a lock had never been so difficult, my hands kept fidgeting.With roughly 25 seconds to undo both of his hands the Junglemen burst through the door.

“Hey! What are you doing?” The Junglemen screamed at me. Ignoring them I kept attempting to undo the shackles. Then in an instant seven Junglemen burst through the door and I felt sharp. Looking down there was a spear going through my back. There was so much anger coursing through my veins. I was so close to getting him out of the chains. The Junglemen ruined any chance of getting home.

“Jack” I whispered

“Holli” He answered

At that very moment all hope was lost. I was going to bleed out in this very spot, my brother was going to have every ounce of magic sucked out of him and my parents were never going to see us again. Suddenly a bright yellow circle appeared glowing around Jack and he began to float into the air. This was him receiving his multitude of powers. It was something one only saw once in a lifetime. Fear took over my body as I could only dread what was going to happen next. To my surprise, my brother broke the chains that were connecting his shackles to the orbs. His chest, was now healed and free of all cuts. He was extremely strong and destroying every Junglemen that came his way! A Junglemen continued to advance with a spear and stabbed him. Jack ripped the spear out of his leg, it healed immediately, and kept fighting. Stunned at what was happening, all I could do was smile, forgetting about  my pain. Within minutes all the Junglemen were on the ground unconscious.

“Holli! Holli are you okay?” Jack asked even though there was a spear going through my stomach.

“It’s okay Hol. I can fix this.”

Jack took the spear out from my stomach and placed his glowing hands where the spear once was. After a few seconds I was healed and there was no sign of a spear ever piercing my body. Relieved Jack was okay I wrapped my arms around him and gave him the biggest hug ever. We flew home quickly before more Junglemen came. Bursting through the door we gave our parents a hug. They had many questions, which were answered over quesadillas. After dinner we started sorting weapons to protect ourselves when anyone came to harm Jack.

There was a loud knock on the door around 7:30 am. I looked through the peephole and saw a man with facial hair that looked like it hadn’t been cut in years. He was wearing gray sweatpants, and a plaid sweatshirt. I was hesitant to open the door, but proceeded to do so anyways. As I did I gripped my new knife that was by my side.

“Hi sir how may I help you?”

After an awkward moment of silence he finally said something.

“Does a Jack Peerman live here?”

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