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The Rppoi t of the Regents, to the present Legislature, pre-euls.upon ihe whole, an eucourngmg siatemnnt of ihecondiiion of our Stalo Univcrsity. Tlie debt of ♦ 100,000 hns ben reduced by s..les of Jauds for State Warranis, to $20,628. - Seven thousnnd d l!;i rs lias been npprnpriated from ' lie proeeads of thg futid towards the ereclion of the new building This building is muuh nefdjl fort lx uses of the Insiitution, and will probnbfy ie completed in the cure if net summer. The receipis to tho credit of the Uiiiirersity funa for the pa-t year wore il5.945; being an aggreg:ile of $1,930 over the pievi'ius ye.r. íía!ance in tlie Ireaaury on lhe 31: t of Jul , '$5,650. The npir r alinns for t ie support f the Brunei es uf lhe Utiiver-ity erei i.- j contiriued las: year, and nva n'i yt'l I een rrsumed. Ii i.s exttamely unf'i' uflute that the limited íesoürcea ol' ihe Iisiiiution reudeied tlrs itlrnichnenl neessary ; and tlie I5oard of Vis'Ur-, in the! r itejior!, er_v pruperfy siigjfst tlml tl:e proceeí's uf ihe S;;:'e 8ll ajring land, whenthe S:a:e sliall lecpive authiTlty to te them, '-be appropij.iK-d to the su. ■puit and as.sistance o!' a State Normal Schoo', Branches of the Uiiivcrsitv, Academies, High .Schools, anJ o her emin tries of leurning, f a high orer througliout ihe Sii'e. A laige i'und in !leSt.iiecf New York, is so distribu'ed, annually. and with the best repulí.-." A betler Jispositiun uf '.lie procceda u! thess lauda oould not possibly be mad. The Bnard "f Vsi:er;, klu cali lhe aitet.tion of lhe Regeiits lo the pre-sing nei-d oi' fjr;hor nppropriationa in the inechanical and chemicul dcpartmenls, and to tbe propriply of sujiijlv. ing the Universiiy Library with Standard Woiks of 1 -itT datps th-ijj nre now comprehpudeil in the Library. Tiie gr;iriu;uiiifj clnsa M lhe last commencement w;s eompoced of eleven young tnen. Tl. ei e La- loen a strad increpe in ihe numler of fui'enbt j nnri the comfilf tioii of ihe new building will en:b!e ihe in.-tiiuiin lo furniali accoinmodaticnis fora gro.Mer nuinber. K'T 'he 3tgn tl ui L'brtf. The Animal Meeting nf the Geneee Cn. A. S. So'iety was hrl i n Flmt, Jan. 2S, 1848. uhcn War.) Gazlfiv was ca!!rd lo tlie cliair, and I. Meriimai) appuinted Spcreiary. The fullowing ofFicers were then clioen forthe enulng yp: r, viz : J. W. Kino, Vreeïdeut. Klflpr J. Gamblr, ) ir -r, ., L. Bückinolam, 'jV-Pf.. J. C. Gallup, p F. KlN(ï, " C'irrepnnHing C. G. Curtís, 3 Commit eo. A. H. Hart, i &} I. Merriman, ) & Solomos' Hopkixs, Treaaurer. J. C. éSliö, J. W. King, C. G. Car. ti, I N. Robinson, ftnd J. N Grnham, nppoit.ted df'Ieg.itra to llio S:ate A. S. Conreiition. On mot ion, Resolved, Tliat the proo'odiñg of li mei!ng he forw-irded to the Signrv! ol Liberty for publica' ion. Flint, Jan. 25. 181S.