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I had to run the mile today. I hate the mile. When I woke up, I knew it was going to be a bad day. I was right.

I woke up sick but instead of staying home I reluctantly trudged off to school, even though I was late to math, my first period, anyways. My library book was overdue and I forgot the money, I had missing assignments in math and language arts, my grade dropped to a B in second period, I had a test in fourth period, I had to run the mile for the second time that week in fifth period, I had to present a book report in sixth period which I failed the oral presentation for, and homeroom was only fifteen minutes. On top of that, I was late to sixth period because I fell down the stairs after going back to get my water bottle back because I had left it in the gym. I also fell down the stairs after school in front of hundreds of kids. Then I slipped and fell while I was on my way to the car. And then I slipped a second time on my way to the car. It was a good day.

Because I was sick, I asked if I could walk the mile today and then run it another day when I was feeling better. Fortunately, I was able to with permission of my gym teacher. Thanks Coach Jensen. Anyways, one of my friends from dance that was in my gym class was also sick (thanks contagious flu!) so we were able to walk it together. Even though we were being stampeded by overly confident seventh grade boys and girls, we had a good time talking while we were out of breath from a slow jog. On our first lap, we were even congratulated on our slow jog.

But because we were walking and not trying to do good on the mile that day, we ended up running our four laps in fifteen minutes and forty seconds. We went into the building after being locked out for a while and sat on the floor in everyone’s way to fill out our fitness cards for a grade when our headaches from being sick and overexerting ourselves only got worse. The fire alarms went off. So, because we were not yet out of P.E, we walked out to the field in our very flattering P.E clothes, waiting and standing around awkwardly for our teachers to come out so that we could get in line for them to take role. I just hung around with my friend for a while until I was able to go to my teacher and she was able to sit by the faculty. Without a jacket I was very cold, and without my backpack I was very bored.

After my teacher took role and students in different lines around us started to break apart and go into groups opposite from their lines to be with their friends, and eventually it looked like there were never any lines at all.

I also had a friend in a line opposite from me who looked very confused like me, because we both heard that both ‘The fire is real,’ and ‘It was just a drill,’ but we didn’t know which one to believe. Just before everyone got uneasy from boredom, a fire truck came so we knew that it was real after that. Again, my friend was confused so I explained to her that the fire truck had come and then we went on to talk for a minute. No one explained to us how the fire had happened, so I left it to my sixth period language arts class to figure it out.

When we were finally able to go back into the school after what felt like an hour, the faculty told us over the intercom that sixth period was going to be extended because of the fire, so we very quickly changed to our normal clothes and went to sixth period (where I tripped up the stairs the first time). When I sat down in class everyone was laughing and talking about the fire and me, being very confused, listened around in their conversations, and overheard that the fire had started when a student was printing (or trying to print) pictures of Post Malone when the printer couldn’t take it anymore so it caught fire, causing the fire alarms to go off throughout the school. Over the intercom once again the faculty dismissed it as a heater or air conditioner not being updated enough causing it to start smoking and eventually setting off the fire alarms. Even though I should believe that faculty, I like to believe that it was because of the printer and Post Malone. Anyway, I still have quite a few words to type in here so I’m going to fill it with random sentences mixed in with story. Have you had fun reading tons of stories?

Well, later that day was when I tripped and fell down the stairs for the second time just after the last bell had rang, so long story short I now have no other reputation other then clumsy. After that, I was walking to my car just outside of the school and tripped and fell in the grass and did the same thing when I got home. You would think I would be more graceful, wouldn’t you?

I ended my day with being unable to do any extracurricular activities because of being sick, and to top things off I had to run the mile the very next day anyways. I didn’t even beat my time, so I could have just not suffered through the mile and used the fifteen minute and forty second mile to get the same grade. While I was running the mile there were other people practicing archery as well so it was very embarrassing to run behind their net and make them have to stop shooting arrows so that we wouldn’t die when we ran behind it.

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