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Defenestrate- Latin roots: fenestra, window, and de-, meaning under or down from. Literally, to throw someone out of a window.

Carrying the rich background of one of the greatest languages in human history.

Latin has proved essential, because of its descendants: Roman vernaculars, later known as Romance languages of French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Catalan. 

Latin- a historical connection to the Ancient World.

The Roman civilization- one of the most prominent, long-lasting cultures of antediluvian times.

“Defenestrate”- simply another reminder of how much the human race owes to the great language that is the fundamental backbone of countless others

One I want to explore further.

A dusty and treasured heirloom.

Latin- a remnant of a past too great to forget, and a study of a future too beautiful to deny. 






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