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I have always loved our talks

Our evening walks

My little flower

My superpower

I gave you it all

Big or small

Until the day came that you left

My flower

My superpower

For now I am powerless over you

You are gone

You met someone new

To take care of you

I was happy

I was

I had a granddaughter or two

I missed my little flower

I missed her a lot

But she was still here with me every second

Every second

Bringing me flowers every day

To mask the dullness of a hospital

Until my eyes shut for good

She wept and wept

She missed her mother

She missed her a lot

But she knew I would not leave

Not leave completely

I was here

I was

Right by her side

Watching my granddaughters

Watching my little flower grow into a beautiful bouquet

The same beautiful bouquet that was left at my grave every day

When weeds started to grow

My little flower would stand above them

Now she is a mother

She can see

She can see through a mother’s eyes

The cycle goes on and on

For mother’s can persevere and stand strong

Be a flower among the weeds

And learn to plant the seeds

See through a mother’s eyes

When tears hit the soil to grow something new

See through a Mother’s eyes








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