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Demigod, a word signifying half god and half human. At first, I thought the idea was crazy, Gods and their children? It’s not something you hear about a lot furthermore it's really complex.  Think about this, have you ever seen the Marvel movies about Thor and Loki? Well believe it or not it’s based on Norse gods, and you may be thinking “oh wow I would love to meet them!” Trust me, you really, really don’t want to do that. I would know because I am the daughter of a God of Trickery, Shapeshift, and  Cruel Actions, Loki.      At first, I didn’t know about my Father but now that it’s clear I can see how we are so much alike. When I was growing up I knew I was different, I would start fires, break things, pick on others, and I was never someone that showed affection. I never had a father around to care for me and every time I ask my mom she would say he was a funny man. Every night I had these weird dreams about Loki telling me that I needed to search for him so that we could be reunited. When I woke up on my 13th birthday I knew it was time to seek out my father. I told my mom I would be out for a while, but little did I know that leaving meant beginning a war between the realms.             The streets are cold and busy in downtown Chicago, People talking all around from calling a taxi to speaking on their phone rushing to work. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew were to start and that was The Field Museum. The museum alone was breathtaking but the artifacts and interior inside were much more fantasizing.  I don't know why I came to the museum but something about it just felt right. Roaming around I saw all sorts of things from fossils to Egyptian artifacts but there was one thing that my eye kept drifting to, and that was a carving in the back wall. It didn’t make any sense because even though I was in the Egyptian area there were Norse runes carved into the walls.      For each rune, it was an ideographic or pictographic symbol of some cosmological principle or power, and to write a rune was to invoke and direct the force for which it stood. I got a sharp pain on the left side of my head and ringing that wouldn’t go away, next thing I know I’m on the floor and everything goes dark. When I awake I am standing next to a waterfall, one hundred feet in the air. There is a man here too, he looks like someone my mom would love very much. He turned around and spoke “ You have become very clever and you are so close to cracking my code. Find me and I will tell you everything about me and why I had to leave you and your mom.” Then he disappeared into the mist.   I awoke to the smell of freshly baked bread and cheese, but something about my surroundings just didn't seem right. It felt like I was in a cave, maybe Batman is in here. There is a kitchen, a T.V, and a couch but nothing more. As I looked towards the kitchen I saw a dark, tall figure walking around picking up pots and pans. "I hope you're a hungry little girl because this bread is fresh out the oven." When the man emerged from the kitchen I was finally able to get a good look at him, and it definitely was not Batman.   Big, loud, red, and terrible, those are all the words needed to describe the big thunder, God Thor.  “ So you’re my uncle?” He looked almost proud of it, “ You bet I am, I know I may look like a hammerhead but I’m better than nothing.” A sense of relief washed over me if he is my uncle maybe he can help me find Loki or maybe even Batman. “ You know what would be really great?” I say as I bat my eyes, “ It would make you an amazing uncle if you took me to my dad.” Thor scratched his red beard for a while as if pondering the thought, “Well, I guess a little trip wouldn’t hurt. Can we at least come back in time for my soap opera show?” I grunted it’s going to take me a long time to get used to this guy. We ate a quick meal and we left the cave with nothing more than the cloth on our back. Thor summoned a lightning bolt that I thought would burn me to a crisp, then after the beam of light, we were standing on a rainbow. “This is Bifrost, it’s the only way we are able to reach Asgard.” As we stepped on the rainbow it was like we were teleported in front of the gates of Asgard. There was a wolf with fur as black as night and eyes as green as envy. As I was petting the dog I felt like it kept growing in size, and when I stepped back it was growing. Not only was it getting bigger but it was changing its own form to something more human. The man in front of me now look at like, "dad?" the words come out sharp and rigid. "Your one and only, welcome home." I ran up to him hugging him with all my might. For years I've waited to find out why I was different and where I belonged, now I know I belong here with my dad. After giving our hello's, with Thor's sobbing in the back, we were able to finally sit down and talk. " I never wanted to leave your mother, but I knew the war would be too strong for me to fight it alone. You are my strongest child ever and with my power and yours combined, we can bring peace to Asgard.” Thor let out a thundering laugh, “ Brother since when did you ever want to help Asgard.” Loki let out a deep sigh, “ Ever since I knew my daughter would be in danger. Enough of this, If we are ever going to stop this war we need to get started right away. The giants will be here in a few days and there is a lot to learn.” I was ready but something about this just didn’t make sense. “So the war isn’t starting until a few days?” “ The war isn’t starting in a few days, it had already begun.” Over the past three days, I have been training non-stop, shapeshifting, fighting, and changing my gender to have the ability to trick others into believing that I’m someone else. It feels weird shape-shifting but fun at the same time,  one second I’m a fish, the next I’m a big panda. Who knew I was so good at wielding a sword, two swords actually. Loki said the red sword represent fire and the black sword is strength and elegance. When the day came to fight the giants I knew I was ready. As Loki came out in full battle armor he handed me my swords, “ We are about to face the strongest giants, Hel, Angrboda, and Hyrrokkin, are some of the most powerful Giants in all of the nine worlds. I will be by your side the whole time, remember don’t be afraid because you are the most powerful demigod, Lilith. We will walk into the battle with pride and we will leave that battle with pride. Walking into the battle was like something from a movie, slow motion and all. Even though the giants were ten-times my size I felt powerful over them. Hel approached with dark mist drifting around her, “So I see you are ready to battle, you even bought your own daughter to die with you.” When she smiled her teeth were yellow and cracked in many places making her look all the more ridiculous. “You will not overpower us, Gods and demigods will always be here to put you and those before you in your place.” I charged into battle slashing with all my might as hard as I could. Hel was strong but we had a power that she didn’t, teamwork. Angrboda and Hyrrokkin fled the field cry either because we scared them that much, or there was a bowl of union somewhere nearby. After numerous hours of redundant fighting, it all became so easy to where I was singing along to The Greatest Showman as a duet with Loki. Then with Hel at sword's point, Loki shouted, “ Off to Helheim with you Hel!” Thor came in striking Hel with a bolt of thunder and like a flash Hel was gone. Loki rested his hands on his knees panting like a dog, “You know, She never was my favorite daughter. My favorite daughter is the one standing right in front of me.” I got tears in my eyes because I didn’t think I was able to do it, I didn’t even think I could finish my quest. “ Who’s up for ice cream!” Thor shouted bring us all into a group hug. We were back on the rainbow once again with my father by my side and in an instant, we were inside a Dairy Queen. We ordered a huge banana split and we shared it because there was no way Thor could eat that all without us. We joked and laughed till our sides were sore when Loki stole the cherry from Thor. “ Well, you have to admit Loki’s gonna Loki. As Thor went his separate way, dad walked me home and gave me a present. It was a magical black ring and to reach him I would have to hold it till it turned green. He hugged me one last time, “ Unit next time my brave warrior, do me a favor if your mom asks what took you so long tell her that you saw Elvis.” I laughed, even though people say he’s a god of trickery, he’s really just one sweet and loving dad. As I walked into the room I knew my excuse wouldn’t work because my mom was asleep on the couch, so I snuck right past her. Maybe my parents and I aren't so different after all. 

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