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I was blindfolded I told my parents “we’re are you taking me I was unblindfolded wait let’s rewind 5 hours before

                        5 HOURS BEFORE

I woke up to me look up at the roof I it was like any other day so I got up and went to my parents room to find them not in their I thought to myself “we’re are my parents???” I was confused so then I went to the kitchen and then out of  nowhere my parents yell happy birthday and then it all hit me today is my 4th birthday then joy went on my face

                        5 HOURS LATER

then my parents blindfolded me and then they to me to walk then I could hear the Gravel while I walk then I hear a door open then I said “we’re are you taking me...” they unblindfolded me and then what I saw filled my face with joy then I said to my parents “Thank you”.

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