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Another Blow For Freedom--the New York Senate Unanimous

Another Blow For Freedom--the New York Senate Unanimous image
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Mr. Mvers' rerolutioD n favor oT pie. erving Freedom in ifoe territorio, rthioli hurí iliendy t.issed ín ilie At-ntmbly (108 tu 3,) [a-e1 the Sennie tn-Hny I, y n volé of 21 to 1, ("r. Tamblin, of Jefleraon.) Th'1 rosnluiions ol' instractkiu in'niduced a ypar sim-e in the Scn'itc hy [ Ion Samuel Young, in favor of tlie Vilmoi Proviw, nd -liicli ei-e tgain íntrodur-ed ihis session by Mr. IJaü, werp ihpii ad'ip'o.i liy a umnirnous vute of the Sena'e. Severa] Democratie Senator.", ncludiiig Mr. Tíirnbün nsd Mr. Adanx, recordwd lli"r voIcü ti fivor of t'iPiD.ind 20 Wlrg Senators. Afninl ihem, none. So ihe L'gislntnre of New Yrk stnnd on this question once more ertvt, and hite lier pftupté, unai.imnus nnd un td nnd true lo FrPddom. Mr. Cass wl] louk n vain to ihis Siaie for ih'it 'change' on thi.-í gre.-.t queltion, vh;h he saiii Iip