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The Labyrinth                                                                                                 

All the walls were closing in. I looked around, but everything was a dead end. The paths were starting to look the same, and the entrance was no longer right next to me. When I looked up all I could see was the large green walls, seemingly growing taller and taller. Going into the labyrinth was a mistake. There was no way out. I tried to shout but my voice was drowned out in the large maze. I seemed to be swallowed up as I ran through the paths and reached more and more dead ends. I couldn’t go back the way I came. I punched the leafy wall in anger and to my surprise the leaves fell away to reveal a trapdoor. I fumbled with the handle and it creaked open. A damp and gloomy tunnel. I crawled in, knowing I was just making myself more lost than ever, but I couldn’t help myself. I began to make my way through the hidden passage.

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