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You would expect tears to stream down my cheeks.

Or for me to be whimpering in terror.

But I’m not.

I know it won’t help.

It never has before.

I can hear his footsteps thud against the hardwood floor,

Just outside my room.

He stumbles closer and closer.

A loud crack comes from his direction.

He’s bringing the belt again.

I’m not curled up in a ball, in a corner.

Instead, sitting on the edge of my window sill.

Overlooking the entire city from the twenty- seventh floor.

I scoot a bit farther out.

This is how I will be free.

I close my eyes.

I hear the door open behind me.

I finally let go.

Let go of the ledge.

Let go of my father.

Let go of my friends.

Let go of my school.

Let go of everything holding me back.

Let go of my place on this earth.

And for the first time in forever.



I smile.

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