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Here is the memorial vhjch Mr. Male oflvied in the Setiaie, nn] whioti was dpnu-ó r. recpption brtliiHl Demacráis ( ) .■is CA5S and FELCI1. it, and seeifany tliing conM be ruwe apuroprinti-Iy and resj.e tfu'ly ndiirpssei. 'Fiom Üie Indiana Yt-arlv iripcting of Ant-Savery Frifiids, held il NewKI. W(iynp Ci). In., from ihe 30 h if th.n 9lh M te 5;h of' the lüih inonih üclusive, 1847. 7b the Señale anj Hmtse of Rcpretentalices of the Uniled Stales in Congress assettihled : - We your peiiiinnpr, bpjVvinp ni] carnal war to be A n'i-Chitsli.'in, oud the )rfsent war w'th Mexico t b olie f irc-einiirent injusMc. ediipss anii bm-banty, rr s)pcifully hnt earnestly rfquest you, Ie uut all the meais in your pmver fn put au immedialp terinu aiion io the bl irnly conflict. 'And furihpr we wouH s. lcit the rxercise of the powers ut ihe Govemineiil ve-.tpd in your hands, Io put an imirieHiate lermniin to slnvi v, with all its horrid foriKPquenc.i. so as tho.-e puvvors ' tcnd. Signed on belinlf of tle mpeliiig. W lier Edgerton, } r. . ., Rebpccu Edgerton,