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She passes by a trio of lively teenagers on her way home. A feeling of loneliness engulfs her like an immense wave and swallows her whole. She wishes she had that. Some friends. Even just one would be plenty. How is it so easy for people? And why is it so hard for her? It’s always been this way. First, she was told it’s because she’s too shy. When she tried putting herself out there, she was too weird. Maybe this is just way it is. The demeaning stares. The scornful whispers. The nauseous rush of anxiety she gets when it’s lunchtime and she knows she’ll have to sit by herself. Most couldn’t care less. But there are some who pity her. Still, they keep their distance. This awful feeling of loneliness has drained her. And she’s tired of it. So tired she no longer wants to feel it anymore. Or anything else. She takes a deep breath as she crosses the street. The cars don’t stop and just like that, she’s gone.

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