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Nature’s Landscapes



Each and every one different

Yet somehow all the same.

God’s gift to the earth.

Bare branches on most trees,

But who knows what will remains evergreen.

Set with lights in homes, bringing joy to all.

White powder crunches as you




 The earth is black and white as nightfall comes

Animals grow thicker coats

And bears sleep peacefully.



whips ‘round cherry blossoms filling the air with bliss. 

Newborn goats prance on lime green grass that the rain has provided.

The sun rains down through formerly gray clouds that still linger in the sky.

children’s giggles of joy

 fill the air with noise

The stubs of leaves are back on trees

And bears open their tired eyes to find unfrozen streams



 Wilting ‘neath a burning heat 

on bright sunny days

kids escape to summer camps

the noise has gone away

 the trees are green but thirsty standing tall against a scenery of sea and sand and sun

 And bears come out to run and play,

frolicking in their own unique way.



 turn red and gold with many stories left untold

 crisp air fills the atmosphere

apple pie and pumpkin spice rouses the sleeping child

 blue skies arrange their curtain call 

clocks turned back to purchase time

 shorter days longer nights 

And bears prepare to do all of it again.



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