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Danny changed the way basketball was played as he helped his team get in first place for the first time in the final. When the game starts, their team got the ball, instantly they scored 2 points, one of the teammates sneaked behind Danny and wasn’t able to catch up. After the 1st quarter, the score was 20-14. But eventually the opponent came back with of 39-47 in the 2nd quarter,  After the 3rd quarter, they tied up to 60-60, the crowds started to get louder and louder to cheer up the opponent as usual. Which made a lot of pressure to Danny’s team, all the defenders tried to protect the rim and at the 4th quarters, the opponent almost won the game by 68-69. The last ten second, the crowds were crazy and count down as time went by. Luckily Danny got a foul from that opponent, Danny closed his eyes, he didn’t think about anything except for shooting the ball in, he could hear his heart beat louder than the crowds, he shot with his eyes closed. He had won the final and that was when his career changed. He was a legend that motivated many young hoopers.

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