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Same routine.

4:00 pm:

Open the front door, go to my room, jump onto the bed, bag open, computer out. Type in the password, and get into Google.

Type the letter ‘y’ in the search bar and click the enter button right away, this takes me to Youtube.


4:10 pm:

Scroll the page down, look for a thumbnail that looks interesting, click on it and skim through it. The video is seven minutes long but it takes me less than a minute to skim through the whole video.


6:00 pm:

Doing this for almost 2 hours without getting bored, mom exclaims to tell me that dinner is ready. I inhale the rice and the soup set neatly in front of me and quickly head off to my room. I start scrolling down again, never getting bored.


9:00 pm

Doing this for almost 5 hours without getting bored, mom exclaims to study. I don’t listen, she stomps toward me and shut down my computer. I study.

I can’t concentrate I go right to sleep.


8:00 am

I wake up, go to school. Repeat my routine until I find a new video.