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I was in my apartment

Recognizing people

Evacuating from their houses


It was the 12th of January

In 2010

That means it was on a

Tuesday morning


Unlike other kids

I actually saw the news

That a 7 magnitude earthquake

Is coming to Haiti


My mom was outside packing

We’re moving to the U.S.

I was too sorrowful


So I can’t help


How we have to leave home

Leave our country

Leave our friends

And if I’m not lucky enough,

Leave my family….


We were ready to leave

People were going in all different directions

Some are migrating to the US like us

Some are going to Caicos

Some to the Bahamas


But we’re all leaving

“Bon bye”

We said to each other

We were about to leave our home


Nobody wanted to leave

But we had to because of safety

All I need now is a safe home