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It always starts with endless math sessions

Or stupid rules of countless probations.

I don't want more meaningless congratulations

I just want a question answered.


They make fun of me, is it my problem?

Do I have to fight this war, for a stupid emblem?

If I end this, would I have bliss?

Why won’t you answer,


Falling into the pit of darkness

People trying to expose my weakness

Is it just everybody or just me fighting this

Hit hard in the face, what is this, another abyss?


Want to be alone, but it never happens

Hit in the collar bone, my confidence flattens



I was tired, but I could never sleep

I was lonely, in crowded parties

I was sad, when nothing was wrong


I slit my wrist, trying to get rid of the pain

Thinking there must be some kind of gain.

Is it my tears, or is it my blood?

Is it my fear, or am I trapped in mud?


I’m wearing a mask that shows I’m happy.

But crap. I know all I’m doing is killing myself slowly

I don’t know, how long I could hold onto this,

but I’m sure I was not meant to be lonely.