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Powerful feelings and emotions,

Can’t resist your charm and affection.

Keep looking back in my reflection,

Telling myself I’m not in love.

Always having flashbacks about you,

How come I always put you above all?

You crawl in my heart and you won’t go.

I can’t force myself to stop, it’s growing.

Remorse of the things I should’ve done,

Should’ve gone out instead of crying over you.

I keep denying, I keep denying.

“It's not love, It’s just a crush.”

But you’re getting to me.

You are one of a kind,

No one’s ever stuck to me like you have.

Trying to remind myself not to think of you,

But every second of my life I think about you.

Drink down my feelings when I’m around you.

Cause it’s bound to happen, I’ll spill it all.

Won’t face the rejections, can’t bare your perfection.

So I tell myself,

“I’m not in love, I’m not in love. It’s just a crush, It’s just a crush.”