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It has been 2 weeks since the devastating plane crash that I managed to escape. Many things were still going through my head. “What if I was on the plane? Should I be dead by now?” Those were still two of many thoughts that were scattered in my mind in the span of 2 weeks. But I am kind of grateful that Ryan forgot the tickets at his house. Out of 100 people, only 10 of the people survived. Those all include me and my friends. It was still something to take into consideration, but I still had a question in my mind. How was Ryan able to know that the plane would crash and explode? I thought of it to be very confusing, and kind of frightening at the same time.

Right at that time, Violet called me to come over to the mall to go grocery shopping with her. I had nothing to do but question the plane crash, so I decided to go. I ran out to get my car and drove to where we would be meeting. I looked around to see a person who crashed their bike onto a car, it was something for unsettling, but I tried to look away.

I arrived at the mall to see Violet spinning out of control. I exited the car and ran to her immediately. I was quite confused at what she was freaking out at. I quickly asked her what was wrong. She replied in a very concerned voice. Her eyes were barely open and her under eye was dark, and she looked she had a rough time. I knew that the thing she was about to say will not be pretty.

“Did you see the body on the road here?” She asked.

“What body?” I answered.

“The person that fell off the bike and crashed into that car.”

“Yeah, what about it.”

“Did you realize who it was?”

I paused for a second. I tried to reanalyze the collision.

“Didn’t the body had our school's baseball jacket on?” I questioned.

“Yes, there was our school’s baseball jacket,” she answered.

“It also had a baseball cap on and blue jea-”

. I read back at my words as I stumbled to the ground. I couldn’t realize it at first, but I broke down at that moment. My mind went into a spiral at not knowing what to do or what to think. Those clothes were the same as what Ryan wore to the airport. He had our school’s baseball jacket, a red baseball cap, and thick blue jeans. Reading those in my mind already made my stomach feel uncomfortable.

Violet saw me in tears and took a few steps back. She stepped on the road and realized that there was an ongoing bus running rapidly towards her. The bus driver didn’t realize that Violet was walking slowly to the road and crashed into her. When I looked back at the road, she was not there. I looked further down the road to see her lying down on the floor, unconscious. I walked towards the body still tripping thinking if Ryan is alive or not. I looked at Violet’s body to see blood all over the road, blood all over her face, and blood all over the bus screen. The bus driver was shocked then fainted. I tried to put all the pieces together and ended in one conclusion. She is dead.

I fell down onto the ground when I saw this and started sobbing. I cannot believe that two of my friend's life had to come to an early end. There was no fiber of hope in my body, I basically broke down into despair. My mind went into a forever downward spiral and it felt like the vision of death will never escape my mind. I have always thought that my friends would soon be gone one day, but I would have never thought it to come quickly.


3 Months Later


It has been 3 months since the incident of Violet and Ryan. I had to take a couple of therapy sessions to calm down my mind and after 3 months, I now feel normal and fine. It has been a rough 3 months since the tragic loss, but sometimes, you have to overcome grief.

Last week was Violet’s funeral. She was my best friend in elementary, middle, and high school. We have known each other since 1st grade. She always had my back in rough time, but since she died 3 months prior, my life will never be as easy as it was. She felt like a mother to me, a person who would help me along the way, a person to develop me and make me as a unique person. That was why I was in disbelief when I found out that Violet was dead.

I came to Violet’s funeral in a jet black lace dress and a fancy black hat because I wanted to be formal at something tragic. I didn’t want to make any jokes at the funeral to honor my “mom”.

I came to the funeral to see it outside in a plain meadow field with the wind blowing on the tree with the leaves flying all over the air. I walked over to the casket to see Violet’s body completely wiped out of blood, her cuts and scars were all stitched up so we can see her beautiful face one last time before we say goodbye for good. Everything about Violet was going through my head, but I had the breath in and calm down.

I met up with my therapist later that day to talk to her. I entered her room to see her sitting on her chair tapping her fingers waiting until I come in for the 2-hour therapy session. She looked at me and she stood up and led me to the chair. My eyes were not moving as I looked up into the light, blinded by the moment. She asked me if I wanted to tell her about my day if I had any thoughts about Ryan and Violet. I told her that I went to Violet’s funeral and she told me that this was a normal thing to happen. She said that I will always overcome the grief and feel better soon. I do hope that soon I will stop thinking about it…., someday.