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My sciophobia, the fear of shadows. It killed my best friend, Sophie, my only friend.

We were going to the mall when I suddenly saw a shadow that reminded me of Smith, the school bully. I started to have a panic attack. Sophie was trying to stop the commotion but… I shoved her onto the road as a truck was passing by… Blood on my hands, a scar that will never fade.

Not ever.

Her body wasn’t there, broken on the road. It seemed to be like it never happened.

I looked at everyone surrounding me.

Lips moving, saying why didn’t you save her. Why didn’t you save her. Why didn’t you save her.

Then one of them said:

“ I don’t understand, you were here alone from the beginning. No one got into a car crash.”

It struck my heart, I went home in complete pain and sorrow. Suddenly, a light was shining through the balcony like the angel above, calling my name. It pulled me towards the warm-hearted light. I leaped off the balcony as the string of fate pulled me down towards the waves of cars. I saw Sophie, waiting for me in the shadow of the night.