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September 1- The day that I wanted to bury my head under a pillow and scream. Suddenly, the door flung wide open to reveal the foot of the women in her early 20’s. Huffing and puffing, the woman dashed toward the bed where I’m still unprepared for her attack, she screamed, "High-course ROPE ADVENTURE!”,” Come on Emma, or else we will be late!!!”

"Ugh,” I groaned, unstinting for her loud voice,” Alisha, why must it be a high rope course, why not a picnic or watch a movie, or-"

“Well, I want to fix your fear of heights. Besides, you haven’t left your house in like... Five days!”, Alisha exclaimed.

“ Fine,” I mumbled throwing out an angry face. Alisha smiled as I finished packing. Alisha opened the door of the apartment, lights from the adjacent window rushed in my eyes. I hissed and Alisha giggled. I got my shoes and started to tie it. Alisha, as hype as ever, hooted:“ Come on! But first, how do I look?”

I stared at her hideous neon green shoes, up to her bright neon pink. How she dressed really described her personality, flashy and hyper. So, I replied: “Flashy.”

She ignored my suggestion and went out of the door, and laughed:” Okay, I’m serious, let’s go!” She dashed out of the door and left it for me to close. I sighed and closed the door as I left the apartment.

It turned out that Alisha was in the parking lot downstairs. She was waiting for me to joined in with her in the car. We left the apartment building. At first, the car was silence, it was awkward.

“ Hey, I have a question. If you are scared of heights, then why are you living in an apartment building?” Alisha wondered then she glanced at as if a joke turned into a hurtful saying to her friend, "Sorr-"

“It’s okay, and we’re living on the second floor, I’m not that scared.” I answered, “ Now please your eyes on the road. “ I glanced at her and then to the road ahead. She smiled, eyes on the road. After that, I lay my head on the side of the car’s window and fell asleep.

A sudden obnoxious honk lashes through my ear. I woke up petrified, I look around the car to see Alisha laughing at my reaction.

“We’re here.”She said as she opened the car door. Struggling to open the seat belt, I escaped and opened the car- come to think of it, why did I open?. The location was a forest brimming with trees. It’s hard to see the obstacle course but then I finally saw it, it was camouflaged on the tall trees. Before I noticed, a slim man with khaki shorts and a t-shirt with the logo on it. : “ Welcome to our rope course adventure. The name’s Ben.”

I tried to open my mouth, but words did not come out due to the shock that was still in my head.

“Well hello Ben, my name is Alisha and this is Emma. Can you help us get to the course?” Alisha asked, she looked at my gaping mouth and grinned.

Ben nodded. He guided us to the course, as we got close, more and more obstacles appeared. My hands shook, my legs suddenly felt like it turned to noodles, and sweat suddenly starts trickling down my face.

“We’re here.” Ben said, “ This isn’t where your protective gears are but, it’s the first obstacle.” Ben pointed. I followed and Alisha’s eyes from Ben’s fingertip to the tall tree with stairs spiraling it to the obstacles which are the zip lining. My whole body was about to collapse, but somehow I manage to stand up.

“Cool!” Alisha said cheerfully, she went to where the gear is and I followed her with hesitation.

The protective gears included some hooks that were looped to the course- like ‘How does this small hook going to do if I fall down?’ The hooks were complicated but we figured how to use it. As we finished using it and do some small practice test. My logic and common sense were telling me, I’m going to be okay, you’re not going to die. But, I responded, no, your logic is nothing right now, I going to die when I leap through the big gap that was supposed to be “zip-lining”.

“ What are you doing talking to yourself?” Alisha questioned, “ You look like you’re talking to a ghost!”

“No,” I frowned, “Come on, let’s go!” I jogged to where the first obstacle was, stomped to the edge of the wooden plank and hooked gears to the obstacle. I took a deep breath, and crouch to get a boost for the jump.

Little did I know, I was 10 meters above the ground. I choked in surprise as I looked at the ground and crawl back to where the stairs were. What was I thinking, I thought as I crawl back to my senses.

“What are you doing?” Alisha frowned,” Aren’t you going to jump?”, I shook my head sideways, Alisha sighed. “ Fine.”, she said as she hooked her gears to the obstacle. She leaped and she’s now has disappeared from my sight.

Now it was my turn, I stand up from the floor. And wobbled to where the edge was. My heart was beating fast,

“If I die, Alisha, it will be all your fault, build me a grave and a funeral service please.” I mumbled, “tell my family I love them.”  Then, I hooked my protective gears to the obstacle. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and- JUMP!

I opened my eyes to see the trees under me, a sudden breeze rushed through me and I looked up to the dazzling blue sky with a haze of amber from the sun. It truly was beautiful, I thought. As the next obstacle was close, I prepared for landing. THUMP! The sound of my foot landed on the floor of the next obstacle.

“I MADE IT! YES! “ I screamed jumping around.

“La-ame,” Alisha said butchering the word. She pointed her thumb to a direction. Following the thumb’s direction to only realized, that there are 49 more obstacles for me to complete. Oh well.