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A Crack That Made Us Invisible


That Night

Our family is having miso soups

Drinking green tea

The green tea is so good

The smell fills our house


It is  just 7:30

We chat and laugh

Nothing bothers us

Because we are all together


The night is full of stars

Like it is not that far


Because it is shining bright

And so peaceful


The wind smoothes our heart

But the sky didn’t seem right


But the night is too dark

I fall asleep

And it all changes




There goes the sound of explosion

It is 2:46

I think it is just fireworks


But my mom is calling me to hurry up

It is a tsunami

It is an earthquake

She wakes my brother and my dad up

We rush through

Before all my memories crash

And become dust

Fly away to make us cry


We hugged together

To feel warm

Mom said:憙よ子怖がってはいけません(Kiyoko don’t be scared)


But the sound of crack in my heart

Vibrates louder than ever

I think…

It would never heal



Black sun rises

The tears fill Tohoku(とほく)

All we can see is ashes

Everyone walks on their crashed houses

We seem detached from the world

Nothing fills our hearts

But sadness

We cry “invisible”


The street with no trees

The sea with no blue

The road with no car

The house with no house


The sky is full of desperate

Cause refugee is our name

It’s not the sky that I know

My dreams flew far

Everything flew far...