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   My name is David. We are on time for robots. Everything is being operated by electricity, robots, and machines. Police officers are robots, soldiers are robots. It is March 7th, 2393 today. Now, technology can solve every problem. Our cars, airplanes, jets, and everything are operated based on nuclear energy. Everything moves and operates with electricity or nuclear energy.


   67 years ago, the terrible disease called Acimeria affected the whole population of the world. Our Korean government made robots that could kill viruses. We don’t know how disease happened. One day, a girl named Luna Lorance who works for our government invented AI (Artificial Intelligent). In with her brother, Peter Lorance. He also works for the government. They work with Philip, the vice chief of police. They met in the company. Philip has a lot of money because of his IT company. They created AI robots to increase the workforce. Because of Acimeria , only 3 million people survived in Korea, so they made AI to assist and serve humans. They created AI soldiers, doctors, cops, lawyers… They created all kinds of Al humans. Three years ago, AI robots produced AI people who looked same as real people.


   The problem went on a few months ago. The terrorists and hackers cooperated with each other. They used system and hacked every system in AIs and other technological systems. Revin is our chief and he is a lawyer. President of the government is Rapis, the father of Revin. This time is a hard and fearful time. AIs are killing people…. Terrorists are killing people who work for the government. As a result, many people are afraid of being high-level officials in government.


    “Good morning sir David! We have a meeting at 7 p.m., right?” said Stephen. He is a nice and kind police officer.


   “Yes, it is. I know you are good at computers. Do you have any idea about these strange happenings?” I asked.


   “No, sir…..,” he replied.


   I thought about these strange cases. It started three years before Luna and Peter had invented AIs.


  “Hey guys, why did you come so late?” Revin asked us, “You are late for almost an hour!”


  “What?” I replied in a panic. “Wasn’t the meeting at 7 o’clock?”


  “No, It was 6 o'clock. It changed. Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot to email two of you. It changed 3 hours ago. Because of the huge problem…..,” he said with a low, weak and monotonous voice.


  “What happened?” I asked with worries.


  “I have no idea what’s wrong…. But, one part of the city has disappeared, it’s desert, farms, mountains, and roads. Right after yacht crashed by accident in 2393, the north-right part of the city has gone. One actor said, “I was in the building but I was in the cave of the mountain a minute later.” You might think that guy was crazy or mad, but he wasn’t. Everyone who was there was arguing that they were in the city and it just turned into a wasteland or a desert. “Mountains used to be buildings, and desert used to be railroads and roads.” One officer said. I have no idea what is going on. Revin said.


   “What the heck! What is that city story?” I was really concerned about what really happened in the city.


   “Let’s talk after we go inside. They are waiting for us.” He quickly said.


   “Nice to meet you, I am Luna Lorance. Just call me Luna, and this is my brother, Peter Lorance, also you can call him Peter.” Luna said.


   “Nice to meet you, Mr.David,” Peter said deep and trustful voice, moving his hand forward to shake my hand.


   “Nice to meet you, Luna and Peter, I wished to meet you and heard about how you invented AIs, but I shall ask you later.” I was quite excited to meet them because I thought AI was the only way to solve the problems in our society.


   Coming through the door, I heard a sharp voice saying “Hello. Mr.David, nice to see you again.” It was Rapis.


   “Good afternoon, sir Rapis, nice to see you again. Hi Sam! I exclaimed and Sam gave me a smile.


   “Well done, well done, it is time to talk about strange things…. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on? Everything vanished and changed, in one part of the city. One officer was arguing that he was in office and he noticed he was sitting on the rock in the mountain. And after that, we can see some strange things in the other parts of the city…. We can see grass in the building and sand in the roads…. And, the part of the city disappeared at once, it’s really strange. It looks like illusion….” Revin said sharply but calmly.


   “Hmm…. sorry for interrupting the conference, but I got an idea. How about trying to find to a clue from history, my father is the oldest in the city.” Sam said quietly, but unwaveringly.


   “Ok, I will accept that, because we need any clue about this….” He said with a sigh after he looked around because no one seemed to have any ideas.


Sam picked up his phone and called his father. After the phone connected, he passed the receiver to Revin.


    “Hello, are you sam’s father? I am Revin, superior to Sam and chief of the police.”


   “Nice to hear you Sir Revin! Sam’s father said.


   “I want to hear the history of after the disease struck and how the city was made safe,” Revin said.


   “Actually it is not a disease. I am the only one who survived knows it. It’s nuclear energy and that made the disease, 67 years ago, (second oldest is my mom who is 54 years old) there was a nuclear war. Many people died. Every Nuclear bomb was dropped and it was a disaster. They threw into the major cities, and there was no way to block it. Government officials died because the cities such as Washington D.C and London were hit by the nuclear bombs. I was only a 10- year old boy then, and my parents died because of the bombs, so I have no clue who started it. But, I am sure that the world was separated into two sides and attacked each other. Everything burned down…. We didn’t have enough people to recover the cities because everyone was in the war…. The strange things happened next by a combination of secret chemicals. I have no idea who invented that, but both of the sides used those chemicals. Korea was one of the countries that didn’t join either side. Korea made both sides quiet by supplying weapons. The countries used the chemical as the weapon, which created a virus that can be easily spread when it meets with air. It was so deadly that people died for a rate of 87%. That’s what the virus is. After losing my parents, I came to Korea. Korean government researched in the basement and understood that the virus disappears if the virus gets into salty water. They used airplanes to pour salty water the areas around Korea. Though no one knows who directed this project, because none of scientists or government officials (who were in this project) survived. I guess scientists died because of staying in one room with this chemical so long time, so they died. But I have no idea why some government officials died…. It doesn’t make sense if they were also infected. Because some of them, never met the scientists. ” Finishing his last word, we could feel his sadness.


   “Do you have any idea why they died? Do you know who did it?” Revin asked immediately.


   “In my opinion, I don’t know who did it, but there were a few people who wanted to get the control I guess. Maybe they wanted to kill everyone who knew what happened nearly 50 years ago. I was in the hospital and had cancer. They might think I was going to die, so that’s why they didn’t kill me.” He replied slowly. Soon, he added. “There were some strange people 50 years ago. After the nuclear war, there were people who were really good at VR (Virtual Reality) and programming. After some assassination, the best man has gone. His name was Erus. Erus was a strange person. I have seen his wife and daughter, but they have gone too.” He finished the words.


   “I think Erus has the clue. Maybe he is the one who knows everything. We are going to the tower in the western part. That’s the only place we didn’t check yet. Come on David, let’s go to the tower with some cops.


   “Ok Revin, I agree. Let’s follow his plan.” Rapis said.


   After 40 minutes, I arrived in front of the tower with Revin, Sam and some cops.


   “Revin, Erus sent the message to me. He said, ‘I am not going to harm anyone. David, bring Sam and Revin with you. Only three of you are allowed to enter. If you bring others they are going to be killed. I could kill you if I wanted to do. I don’t want to kill anyone. Believe me.’ What do you think Revin? Do you think he is lying?” I asked.


   “Let’s follow Erus’s instructions. If he wanted to kill us he wouldn’t stop terror or assassination. Sam, please stay here because the others need a leader.” Revin ordered.


   “Yes, sir,” Sam answered.


   We were going up the tower. When we arrived at the top floor, Erus was waiting for us. “Why did you called us, Erus?” I asked suspiciously hiding the weapon in my pocket.


   “I thought I said to come without weapons, David. I know you have a gun inside your jacket on the right pocket. But, don’t care about it. It will be useless, in other words, you don’t have a reason to use. Nice to meet you, Sir Revin.” Erus answered.


   “Why did you call only two of us?” Revin asked sharply with giving me signs to put away the weapon and I did.


   “I would like to tell you a tale about me and truth. It began nearly 67 years ago. Before that, I should tell my story. I was born nearly 100 years ago. I am an Android. 70 years ago, I had an accident. Some parts of my brain were unable to recover. I invented AI brain which is close to the human brain. I had huge surgery. Everyone thought I was dead. I have only good parts of human and AI. I got married and I had a daughter. When she was a high schooler, I told that I am half AI and human. After marriage, the war had occurred. My family came here to avoid the war. After the war, the Korean government wanted to repair Korea and the Earth. They asked me because I was a genius. They asked me if there was a way to cover the trace of the End War. I said I had a plan. I wanted to give hope to people…. But, now I noticed that truth is the truth. We can’t hide the fact or change it forever. Truth is sometimes really hurtful and fearful…. But, you can't hide it or avoid it. When I tried to hide or avoid the truth, the situations became worse.” Erus stopped with tears and he asked a tricky question to us. “Do you know what is the result of hiding the truth?”


   “I don’t know.” we both answered.


   “The result will be worst. The Korean government and I were doing the project secretly. Creating a huge illusion. But everything went wrong! Some terrorists attacked the government and my house was attacked too. My wife and my daughter were taken by them!” he spits on to the ground. “They wanted to get control. They said to me they would bring back my wife, but not daughter after I obeyed them. That was 2 years ago. I had no choice even though my wife came back. But, I didn't know there was a betrayer in my group. He gave them AI control. He was Ovilian. On the other hand, my sworn brother, Wane, helped me on a various side. Without him, I wasn’t able to take out terrorists. He was one who supported me. He caught terrorists and killed them all by himself. He is not a killer. He used the illusion to kill them all. He asked me to create the bridge which doesn’t exist in reality, and make one building which does not exist in reality either and he killed them all by dropping into a rocky valley. Their bodies crashed to sharp limestones and they were dead. But, my wife was dead by a car accident. I am sure terrorists did it. My daughter was dead when I found her. She had had an illness since she was 18. After killing terrorists, we searched their base. It took 30 minutes to find her. During that time, she died by heart attack when she was 23. After that, one of my yachts had crashed and affected the illusion. Do you have any idea what is the illusion?”


   “How do I know? David, too.” Revin quickly asked. He seemed that he was wondering so much.


   “Graphics” Erus answered.


   “Graphics?” we both shouted.


   “Yes, the Graphics. This illusion is the graphics. I covered with the huge membrane over the city. In the yachts, there are super quantum computers each, which form the city’s graphics. A few days ago, one part of the city was gone because the graphics crashed. When the yacht crashed, the computer was broken and the illusion was gone. People have thought they were climbing the building when they were climbing mountains. Many things are graphics. We were constructing buildings secretly. With graphics, we showed constructing area was restricted area. We divided the city into the four parts. We have four yachts and each one makes each part of the cities graphics. That’s all that I want to talk to you.” Eurs ended his words.


   “Erus, how about helping us? Instead of faking, let’s change the reality, not virtual reality.” Revin asked.


   That was 27 years ago. My mom was dead when I returned to the hospital. Peter, Luna, and Erus helped to revive the city. Peter died 7 years ago and Luna died 3 years ago. Erus died 20 years ago. He created his colon and then he ended his life. I know that I will go soon like the others who know about the graphics and the illusion. I had a long and tired life. I don’t know what is life. I know it’s time to go. Like every other thing, I will be ended.