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I walked down the dreaded hallway, mentally preparing myself for another terrible day ahead of me. I had my head down, my arms clutching my book and pencil case. My heart was beating rapidly inside my chest, anxiety and fear grabbed me by my tongue, making my mouth dry. As I was walking, I felt a massive shove, and I fell. I began to feel light-headed, my legs gave way, and I crumbled to the ground. My vision blurred as tiny droplets of sweat ran down my forehead.  All I could see was black, and all I heard was my name being called as curses and other hateful words that make me hate myself more. I felt water flowing out my eyes like rain. I gathered all my force and picked myself up and ran home before it could get any worse. Standing on my balcony, wishing everything would go away. I realised nothing would get better even with how much I tried. That I let myself go, I jumped.