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The Family


“Hey, get up! You slept over 12 hours,” Jenn said to her sister Sue.

“Umm..” she yawns, “I still can’t adjust with this weird climate.”

“Well… It’s been 10 years since we lived in Mars.”

Currently, it’s 2119, most people in the Earth moved to Mars and pioneered so that people could live a normal life in Mars. Even though people and world organization tried hard to have a same environment as Earth, It was tough to be like the Earth. People still struggle with the environment of Mars. The reason people moved to Mars was because of corruption of the united government. They started to make people work only for the country and they took all of the money from people. They abused money for their private luxury. During that period, people tried to leave the Earth. Many researchers joined this project, and also NASA joined, which gives lots of benefits for finding a new world. Finally, people decided to move to Mars. Mars was the only planet that people can live. First, some people went to Mars to explore. People expected that there is a water source on Mars. However, when they arrived at Mars, there was nothing. No one could breathe without an oxygen mask. They decided to leave Mars. They came back to Earth and announced that people won’t be able to live in Mars. People had to make another option, while NASA claimed there was no other option. All the scientists, astronauts, researchers focused on the way that people can live in Mars. People needed water, fresh air, food. There was one more, though; the distance between Mars and Earth. People who have been to Mars said that It took about a month to get to Mars. They asked, “ How we’re going to carry our food and luggage?” The research organization suggested the solution.

“We are going to make the space stations between the Mars and Earth so that we can store something that we need. Besides, we can send what we need from the Earth to Mars through the stations.”

Now, the only thing they needed to do was to set up the environment and system on Mars.  The government of the Earth should allow that immigration but they did not let them go to Mars. They might think that they will revenge after they get the systems up and organize their planet and life as well. People who are willing to immigrate to Mars weren’t treated fairly in the Earth. They didn’t get to buy grocery and other things to live. The government took all control of their living. People wanted to move to mars as soon as possible.


The chief of this immigration announced some information.

“ Now, it’s a due day for our great journey. Get ready to start a new life. We guarantee that you will have equal rights as human and freedom. We will have a different system with Earth’s government. Let’s turn to a new page of our lives, for our children and ourselves.”

When people arrived at Mars, they spent a hard time. They spent 4 years to settle in Mars. For 4 years, they built an apartment and any organization that helps people to settle well. When they first founded official government, they thought it was going to work well. There was a problem, though. Big arguing was going on at that time about who’s going to be in charge of the head of government, which is equal to the president. People started to fight each other. A civil war had been begun. The number of systems and organizations they built was divided up. People who won the civil war in Mars, they destroyed the Earth as well. They called themselves, “The Connector”. They killed all sorts of living things in Earth not to get revenge after. They said they always contributed to the relationship between Earth and Mars. What a ridiculous reason. To justify what they did on the Earth, they tried to make the evidence which made people believe that the connectors did something good. From that, they still take control of Mars. The fact happened in the Earth has been fading away from people’s memory.


Part 1 - The relationship

“How many times do I have to say!” Jenn said. Jenn and sue always fight each other. Jenn is “1 year” older than Sue. Even though she is only “a year” younger than Jenn, she acts like a baby.

“Oww.. please, listen to me,” Jenn said.

“I tried to move my desk to the living room.” Sue said.

“ I told you not to make a noise in the morning.” Jenn said to Sue.

“ Why? I can’t even move my desk? It doesn’t make a lot of noise.”

“Sue, I know and I understand you. However, the thing is that we don’t want to get in trouble, right?”

Jenn mentioned “trouble” now.

“What? Are you serious? What do you mean, trouble?” Sue said.

“I’m always saying that don’t make a noise. Can’t you just listen?”

“No, I need to know the reason why you always force me to be quiet.”, Sue said.

           “Okay, I’ll tell you later.”, Jenn said.

“See? you always just skip everything and force me.” “ Now, I need to know why should I be quiet, and why can’t I go somewhere else except for the school.” Sue said.

“ Sue, Do you remember when we first arrived at Mars? We couldn’t make this immigration without parents’ sacrificing. I still remember that moment. Mom said we always should be one.”

“We should keep that in mind all the time.”

“ You might not really know what our parents did for our life.” “10 years ago, when you’re about 3 years old, our family planned to migrate to Mars. The first ship arrived at the station. That ship could only take 12,000 people. About 6,000 of people were politicians who built the city in Mars first. Fortunately, our family was chosen to be on the ship. However, mom and dad were not allowed to go to Mars. Earth’s government officially block the immigration of our family. We had to decide whether we go together or stay on Earth. If we stayed together, we would be killed by the government. At that time the government was eliminating people who tried to go to mars. Even though parent could be in a dangerous situation, they decided to send us to the station and that was the last time to see parents. I wanted to cry but I needed to take care of you. After arrived at Mars, I wanted to hear something about parents but I couldn’t. After 2 years, I heard news that our parents just passed away. They are executed by the government because they noticed that we moved to Mars.”

“Oh.. sorry, I talked too much.” I’ll tell you later about Mars’ Government. You will notice why you should not speak loudly. Now, go to school first.”


Part 2 - The rising of the risk

“The weather is cloudy today, isn’t it?” Sue asked her friend, Jane.

“Umm... It looks pretty dark.” Jane said.

“Have you heard about the story about your immigration?” Sue asked.

“No, My parents keep that in secret but I want to know it.” Jane said.

“Actually, I heard some in this morning.”

“My sister and I started arguing about making noise in the morning.” Suddenly she became serious and talked about our parents.” As they are talking, some announcement has been announced. Mars’ government requires citizens to go back home immediately. They hear some voice in the street.

“ What’s going on?”, Sue asked.

“ I don’t think it’s serious problem. I guess they just want to find rebel.”, Jane said. At this time, some people don’t like what the government does. Therefore, they want to change the system so that people will be freer. After the announcement, they head back to their home. While they are walking, they saw a weird thing. Men who are older than 18 were going to the border between the Earth and Mars.

“Oh, this is my mom.” Jane’s mom called her. “Hey! Where are you?” Her mom asked with a deep and serious voice. “Why? I’m going back home.”, Jane said. “No Jane, don’t go home. It’s an emergency now. Earth has declared the War to Mars.” “What! Really?”

“ Yes, I’m in the shelter located in the middle of the city. Come here as quickly as possible.”

“Okay, I’ll be there, soon.


Part 3 - The peak.

“Sue, I think I might go to another way,” Jane said.

“I’m fine. Go quickly.”

“Bye, my best friend. Hope I can see you again,” Sue answered. Jane left and Sue got confused.

“Wait, what are you thinking? You should go home and save your sister.” Sue said to herself. She runs as fast as she can. In the street, all the people were moving. Some people said Earth already took control of the countryside. ‘Countryside! That’s where our house is located.’ Sue thought.

“Oh no, no... Please..!” When she got to the home, she immediately headed to the sister’s room. She felt something strange. The door was opened and sister was not in the room.

“Raise your hand!” the deep voice coming behind from her back yelled.

“Who are you?”

“What do you want from us?” Sue said with little voice.

“ Is this your sister?” one soldier asked.

“Don’t touch her!” Sue shouted.

“Sue, I’m okay.” Jenn said.

“We are from Earth.” Soldiers said

“We want to get some information from you.”, the soldiers said. “We have nothing to tell you. Get out of here!”, Jenn said. “You don’t want your life longer, right?” “If you are not willing to do that, I’ll make you do so.” , the soldiers approach to both Jenn and Sue. They try to catch them and hit. When they try to hit them with a steel bat, suddenly someone came in and said “ Stoppp!” Jenn and Sue turned around.


Part 4 - The great meeting

When they turned their body to the back side, they saw a man with a gun. She seems like Earth’s citizen, but she is armed.

“What are you doing here?” the man said to the soldiers.

“Sir, they didn’t tell us about Mars.”, the soldiers said.

“Oh, then that means you can hit them?”

“Get out, Now!”, the soldier who just came in said. He approached the girls and said,

“I missed you so much..”

“You don’t remember me, right?” the soldier said.

“Who are you? Have we met?” Jenn and Sue said.

“Yes, we have. I’m John. Now, do you remember something?” he asked.

“No, what are you talking about?” girls said.

“It’s been 10 years, so you might forget me. I’m your father.”

“ I came here to meet you guys.”Jeen starts crying.

“Yes, I do remember” Jenn said.”

“Sorry for coming late. Your mother is also in the ship now.”

“Let’s go back to our home.” father said.

“I missed you so much..and I love you.”