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I am an Imposter
Lopez made me Hispanic by default
Regretting being assigned to a culture fiend,
my mother thought it would encourage me to learn
only making me think of my mirror.
My native tongue hates me so much.
If refused to work with me.
Taking off days when Spanish projects were due,
and family reunions we scheduled.
“Your mother should of taught you.”
I wonder if my mother cries at night,
just like me knowing
I slaughtered the root connecting our family back to the motherland.
Fultz makes me the roadblock of our ethnicity.
I wonder if my mother
regrets having a pale skinned baby that never let her culture
sweep beneath her wings.
I am Puerto Rican
But if you talk to me in Spanish,
I will get lost in the wave of
Nosotros somos uno y nunca seremos iguales.
But don't quote me -
I Google translated that too.
I wonder if my mom hates me
I tell her
“Mom i'm not faking if i feel something”.
My two left feet force my body to the dance floor
Doing the silent three step bachata
my heart drops,
along with my aunt,
because Marc Anthony shared the same land
as my native ancestors
My voice sings the un poquito,
song lyrics I know from
Daddy Yankee, Farruko, Nicky Jam
Mom you raised an imposter,
but I don't fake what I feel
even if what I feel I can't understand.


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