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Winter's Masquerade


Twinkling stars fashion a world of white

Winter’s breath mimicking the glow of star-light

Dancing and twirling with an endless shine

Weaving grace and beauty to then intertwine


Yet shimmering masquerades will crumble to ash

The veil of facade pulled, purity lost in a flash

Glimmers of innocence to soon be vanished

Marks of the once-divine beauty banished


Glistening appearances will be set ablaze

As the fire of reality sparks, charades will raze

Burning the image of what people see

Actuality to ignite, allowing all evil free


Frostbite leaps as terror springs

Ills plague horror, flying on evil’s wings

Malicious intents in dark shadows dwell

Snow morphs deadlier than the fire from hell


Winter’s snow walks with destruction and fear

Shackles of ice claiming all you hold dear

The soul of malevolence bows to but one foe;

Flames of reality will diminish at youth’s glow


Blinks of the unknowing drapes the cloak once more

The facade returned, and evil retreats with a roar

Yet as children play, in the snow the devil is hidden;

And winter’s true terror remains unseen, unbidden

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