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The day couldn’t be better, perfect weather, the sun sitting in the blue sky. But as I peer out the window of the living room, there’s my car. A Ford pickup. Then I notice a man, tall but skinny. In dark clothes and a ski mask. Trying to pick the lock to my truck.

He swings open the door and drives off. I take a look at my watch. My son and I have to leave for a basketball game at 3:30 and my wife is out of town with her suv.

Now what do I do. I rush straight towards my phone. “Hello, anyone there.” I answer. I hear some gurgling noises. Then I hear this, “Billy you forgot to feed, the fish now he’s going mad.”

I hang up the phone, and head down to the lake to tell Colton what happened. Colton looks like he’s trying to build a snow castle. After I tell him all about it, A little snow fairy pops out of the castle. “I can grant you one wish.” the fairy says. I reply. We make the wish and are at the game. The End.

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