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The Signal Of Liberty

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■It published every Saturday morning by THEODORK FOSTER. Terms of the Paper Two a year, )nv;ili!u us nenrly in tdvance as ni;ty bc All subscriptitins iiiusi !■ oiict withis ihe yeaT. Papers wi'l n;i l ronñnced lo 'hose who ve for one yeur or more. iaymems in bank billa may lae remitmd In Mail l ou r risk nnd expense ; hut in case of loss. proof' must fio niuile tlie inuuey was acluali) nd properly raailctt. Bates of Advertising Ifor 'encli line of irevier, (the mnllet-iiype,) 'the first insertion, 3 cenif. Forach lubaciirn'i naortion, 2 cenn. For thfee months, 7 cenis. Tor ix months, 10 cents. For one year, 15 ceniB. 'Orders by innil wit he promplly attemled to. Lagal Advcrüain! by ihe lolio. AH advcrtiscanid must be nccompflnird hv Wrtttev diroctinne for 'lic finte of inpenion: oth rw thy will be rclinrged for lili urdsred nut. ff? All Remitt:ince in Coinniunicationf Kould beaddreesed, Post poid, (LTSlcXALor Libkkty: Ann Arbor.Mich.J LOCAL AGENTS. The followrins: penuria me nuihorifcd and re quaitcd 10 bci as agenta Tur ihe Signa! n llieir rieciive viciniíjea. ■S. D. Morsk, Enron R.ipids. 'T. T. Stkbbiss. Carluls. A. Armstkong. Verinomville. Jon. Bureesa. Lyons. Thakcií VViy. Purilnnd. X.. S. liracitsoLL, Delt.i. RmtRT P'Ustkk, KaKleM. L. Stevkm, rtennington. W HáXKHil. Sliinnsee. ISMAH MlKHIMlN. Flínt. W. S. Hiolev, vipeer. E. II. ftol.MIl Alninnr. J)r. J. B. IÍARNK3. OWOS8, Mr. Gf.oroe Dili. 8 uur traeling Agent fir th Slaie.


Signal of Liberty
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