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Logan lives in a weird world with weird people and weird things. He wishes that he could just fly away, but he can't. One day, when he was walking to school, he found a weird rock. It was glowing and looked like it had the whole night sky inside of it. It was small but heavy like a large book. He looked at the stange rock and leaned over to touch it, but when he did he felt a strange feeling flow through him, like an adrenaline boost. He had no idea what had just happened but he picked up the rock and slid it into the back pocket of his backpack, and continued walking to school. Logan hated school more than anything. He was bullied everyday and made fun of for being short. So when he saw the school bullies just a few feet in front of him he turned and ran for a bush so he could hide. When he thought the coast was clear he hopped out from the bush and continued on his way to school. But this time, he ran knowing that he would be late because of the time it took for the bullies to leave. He ran into the schools courtyard and sped through the front doors as fast as he could run. He ran up the stairs to his locker as fast as his feet could take him. He rushed to his locker, unlocked it, grabbed his from the locker, slammed it shut, and ran through the empty hallway to homeroom. It was very strange for him to see the hallways so empty because he was always in class or being talked to by the principal. He found his homeroom classroom with Mr. Carpe, he was the meanest person in the world, and hated Logan. So Logan wasn't surprised when he arrived in his classroom late that's Mr. Carpe had given Logan a lunch detention. In homeroom they did this thing called “ the moving card game” where there was a vocabulary word on a card, someone would read the word out loud, and if you had the definition of that word on your card you would read the definition outloud to the class, then read the vocabulary word on the bottom of that card. Logan kind of liked that game, but every time he mispronounces a word everyone made fun of him. The class called him a “fort” which stood for dumb and short. He hated being called names like that, and hated even more that the school bullies were in his homeroom. When the bell rang after homeroom he saw Jack and Braiden, the school bullies. They saw Logan outside of class and started calling him names. Logan had enough of it, so when Jack moved closer, Logan punched him as hard as he could. To his surprise, Jack went flying and hit the wall 10 feet behind him. Jacks face had a burn mark where he was hit, and he laid on the wall motionless, when Braiden saw what Logan had done to Jack, he ran at Logan and pounced, trying to get a good punch on him, but Logan punched him right in the stomach. Braiden flew up and hit the ceiling, and then hit the ground with a thump. Logan stood there it in complete shock, and stared at braiden and jack. He wondered where this sudden strength came from, and if it had came from the mysterious rock he had touched, Or if it was just adrenaline. Logan rushed out of the school and ran home as fast as he could. He saw a car driving near him and he realized he was about to pass the car. He looked over and saw the car get farther and farther from him. He was starting to freak out at this point, he had super strength and was super fast all of a sudden. When he got home he twisted his front doors, door knob, and to his surprise he broke the door knob right of the door. He pushed the door open and found his mom standing near the tv with a broom, in a position that looked like she was ready to fight anyone or anything that came through the door. To her surprise Logan was standing there at the door shocked at what he had just accomplished. His mom asked if he was ok, and all Logan said was “ i think im really strong now.” He told his mom the whole story about the rock and how he had touched it. She asked him if he felt any different and he said “ i feel like i just jam packed 3 years of muscle building in my body at once.” he asked if he could skip school and his mom said sure. “But there was a catch” she said “ you have to let me figure out why you suddenly have these powers, do you have the rock on you?” Logan said “ yeah it's right here in my bag”  She said “ please hand me the rock so i can experiment.” Even handed her the rock and went up to his room to take a nap. When he arrived in his room he threw his back pack on his wall and jumped into his bed. He quickly fell asleep, on his nice warm bed. He started to dream about what the rock was and where it came from. He dreamt about if the rock was something from a distant planet. Or if the rock came from an alien living on planet earth. He then saw a strange man standing in a field of flowers holding the rock he once had found earlier that day. The man looked like he wasn't human but was on a spot on the earth. He had wrinkles on his forehead and on his lower lip. His eyes were very round and large. His nose looked like it had been hit with a baseball bat multiple times. His voice was raspy like he had just swallowed a a miniature pine tree. He spoke in a voice that sounded like he was annoyed but not mad, and looked very tired. He said that he was from a far of galaxy called the Messier 63, and had traveled to earth to find a special rock that looked like the galaxy it had came from. The alien had suddenly gotten closer to Logans vision and said in a deep voice “and i know that you have my rock” suddenly Logan felt that he hadn't been dreaming and saw himself in his bed and no longer saw the weird man. Then he realised that he was in the man's body, and was on a different planet he saw his body get up from his bed and grab a knife, while trying to move his legs. Logan realised if he did not act quickly the alien would kill his mom. So he started thinking about what to do, he thought that if the alien used its body to switch into Logans that because Logan was in that body he could do the same. He concentrated very hard, closed his eyes, and imagined that he was back into his body. It didnt work. Next he though if he looked at his body through the portal and concentrated very hard he then saw his room and looked around for a minute and realised it had worked when he looked back he noticed that the portal had closed and he was back in his room. He ran downstairs and saw his mom on the couch and asked what had just happened. His mom said “why are you up so early?” Logan asked where the rock went and his mom responded with “what rock?” logan realised that everything he just experienced was a dream and hadnt actualy happened. He said to his mom “never mind” and went back to bed and fell asleep.

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