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Paganism Itself For Liberty!

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The last Britisti A. S. Reporter brings the following Proclamaron from the East Iridies. Iïow iivtensely monifying the fact liiat the U. State?, in churcli and state, nre siill binding cliains on hum&n limbs, while paganism itself is tearing ihem off! Proflnmatinn made by the Lahore Dierbar throughout Ihe dominions of Ma haraja Dulleep Singh, datcd 2 Is Julij, 1847. "The practico of female infanticide and Suttee bfing most raiquitous, as taking nway innocent lite" and tha most lenrned and yirtuous bunditi ond prhnlar of the Shasters having declared, nfter full inquiry, tliat 1 3 positively forbiddtn by every saerad code, ihe Creutor of the Universe having no deliglit ín the contemplatie] ofsucli crroneous cruelly an .spilling the blüod of his crealuros, it is hereby resolved, witli the concurrence and approval of Lieulenant-Colonïl Menry Montgomerv Lawrencf, C. B., AgentGovernor General, North-wost FroMier, and Presiden' at Lahoro, that the practice aforesaid, togelher with thai of SLVEDEALING, be ABOLISHED henceforth nnd for ever witliin the dominions of the Lahoie governmen!. "Accordingly it 3 hereby proclaimed, that no sirdar, ör pólice oílicer, or landholder, or cullivalor, or any olher subject of Lah(jre, is to permit the commission of these crimes, cither the murder of fernale infanU, or the burning a widow on ihe pile of her husband, or the sale ol men, wornen, or children. "And il, after ihis proclamition, nny one shall be guilty of either of tlie said otTences, il will be the duty of the district officers to give immedinte mformaiion thereof lo the Durbir, more especiall) in the cas! of stealing nnd selling chil dri=n ; and ifnny kardar shall l'ail todo so, lie will Ue hf ld persoi.nllv responsible forthe sime. Let public officers, therefore, ns soon as ever they hear of nny ihing of ihe so t, seize and imprision the per pet rato i's, aders, and nbfttors therein. and report the same to the Üurbar, who will sil in judgement thereon. "And be it known that no distintion will bo made belween the nctua! berpttrators of any of the crimes aforesaid, and those vho aid or abet him in the perpetralion, both will be equally punshed. "YV ritten, signed, and sealed at Lahore, on 81I1 Saween, 1903. wilh the roya! signet." "Let all men, Iherefore, obey t."