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Littleness Of The Earth

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The universe al largo would suffer n its splendor and variety by tle destruction ifour planet, as tlie verdure and ublime inagnificence of a forest would suffer by ihe fa!l of a'e leaf. Tho leafquiv ers on the brand) wliicl) supports il. Il lies at the meicv ofthe slightest accident. A brcath of wind le irs it f rom the stem, and it üglitson the siream of water whicli passes untierneath. Ir. a moment of time the life which we know by tlie microscope it teems with, is extinguished, and an uccurrence so insignificant in the eye of man and In tlie scale of his observation, carries to the myrtads whicli people ibis leaf an event as terrible and as decisive as the destrucion of a world. Novv in the grand scale of the universe we, the occupiers of this bal!, which performs its little round among the suns and the syslems tliat astronomy hns unlolded - we may feel the littleness and insecurity. - We diffrir from their leaf only in this circllrntfltKe, that it would require the operation of greater elements to dostroy