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No one ever realizes what time is doing for us

And to us


It helps us get to places on time

But it is slowly keeping track of how long until our lives end

It curses us

And heals us


How amazing

Something that has two meanings

But think again

What doesn’t have two meanings?


What about bad

Doesn’t it have two meanings?

Something unpleasant

It also means not enough

And mean

And low quality


And what about good

It means welcome



But also means something that is to be desired


Isn’t desiring something bad?

I thought we should we selfless and kind

Why does good have contradictory meanings?


Maybe because things that are good are often conflicted

With bad

People that are good

Can turn so quickly to bad

And yet,

People that are bad never seem to repent from their ways

Why is being bad so much easier than being good?

They try to punish the bad,

But that often just makes them more determined to

Disobey and break out of the punishment


And the people that put them there

Seem to be no better

Because they assume and punish

Without giving the people they punish a chance to prove themselves


In fact

It seems like no one is innocent

Even the people

Who say that they are doing the best for the common good

When behind everyones back

They curse the people that oppose them

And sometimes try to silence them


We aren’t innocent ourselves

What about the time

When you decided to not smile at someone

Who knows what that person was going through

What if all they needed was a smile to lift their day

And they didn’t get that

So they concluded that since no one would help them

They wouldn’t help anyone else


And yet with all this adversity

We can still find balance

There are those who devote their lives to the benefit of others

And those who could care less

Two extremes

With a middle


Time has a middle

Too fast

Too slow

And just right



Keeping track of how long

Until we can find peace


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