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Her hair blows as she races through the grass. She loves to play catch. She loves to go on walks. She loves big hugs. She is my best friend.

She is there when I wake up and when I go to bed. When I’m sad, mad, or happy. She is always there. Her nails make click clack noises as she walks around. She loves to always speak her mind in a very loud voice.


She is my friend. My sister. My dog.


She gives kisses. She loves to cuddle.

She hates thunderstorms. She hates being left alone. But when she sees you walk through the door, she goes crazy. Running, jumping, yelling.

She may be hairy and loud, but I love her all the more.

She loves ice and balloons. She likes to act tough, but is really a scaredy cat. She is claustrophobic. She’s an attention grabber.


She is my friend. My sister. My dog.


She is as fluffy as a lion’s mane. She as loud as a rock band. She is as cute as a baby.

She loves to play dolls and let me do her hair. She loves to lay around all day in bed. She loves to sit with us at meal time.

She is my friend. My sister. My dog.


She is curious and loves to sniff new things and meet new people. She hates car rides and the smell of squishies. She hates when balls are being bounced near her.

She loves to race and thinks she is the fastest dog in the world. She will yell at you for a rematch until you race her again.

She is very protective of her belongings. You touch her ball or bone, she is running at you with all her might and will tackle you if that’s what it comes too. She thinks she is the toughest of us all and loves to play tug of war and will give you a death stare while doing so.

She has had many babies. Not like puppies. But toys that lasted a long time. For example, “Chicken Baby”. She had this toy for four months before tearing it to shreds. She also had “Puppie Baby”. This toy lasted the whole month of december till she ripped out all of it’s squeakers and tore every last piece of it to tiny scraps.

She hates other dogs because she thinks they will steal the spotlight and all the attention. She will growl and bark at them if they get as close as 5 feet to her.

Sometimes she acts like a cat. Sometimes she acts like a human and will try to have conversations with us.Sometimes she looks like a hairy burnt tater tot when she tucks in her legs and roles her head up to her body.

She is a social dog. She likes to talk to us. Tuck us in to bed. Wakes us up in the morning. She used to go into our playroom, grab one of our toys, and come play with me and my sister.

She is closterfobic. She won’t go into our bathroom no matter what and won’t go into some kitchens. She hates the car and starts drooling everywhere and panting like crazy.

She loves to eat snow and ice. On the rare occasions that it snows here in Texas, we will go outside and build tiny snowmen. 2 minutes after it is built, she has already eaten the head off of it and is working on the body. When she hears the freezer being opened, she will run to it as fast as she can. Stare at it intensely thinking that will help it move quicker. Then she will beg for you to give her a piece of ice till you do. If you don’t, she will sit there and stare at the freezer.

She hates to be left out. If she can hear yelling, laughing, or screaming from the other room, she will race over and get in the middle of it. When me and my sister were young and would play with barbie dolls, she would always come to the playroom with us and watch us play. Sometimes she would even grab a toy and try and play along with us.

When it rains, we don’t want her feet to get all wet, so we let her out through the garage. We let her outside, crack the door, so that she won’t get locked outside, and wait for her to run in. Every time she opened the door and came inside, my dad would always yell, “Cocoa’s back!!”. He done that so much that he actually ended up training her to wait until someone annonces her when she come in. If you don’t, she will wait at the door, not moving, until someone announces her arrival.

She loves cuddles and when she gets pet. She loves it so much that she will not left you stop. Once you begin petting her, there is no turning back. If you let up for even a second, she will start swinging her paws around until they hit your arm and bring it back to her or she looks at you with thins glare, like “What are you doing? I never said you were done.”. But she is too lazy to go after you if get up and walk away.

She loves to sleep. When ever she hears the magic words, “Night nigh”, she will bolt to our parents room. Lay down, get comfy, and pass out.

She hates books. When I read, I sometimes want to sit with Cocoa and read and pet her, but whenever she sees that I have gotten comfortable, she will get up and walk away.

My dog, Cocoa, is the cutest & funniest dog. She will always remain in my heart. Even when I can’t see her, I will be able to feel her warm smile, hear her loud barks, and feel the warmth of her fluff. She can never be replaced. No matter what.

She is my friend. My sister. My dog. And I love with all my heart.

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