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I can't understand the things i'm feeling

The random angst, tiredness, and grief

When I wake up i feel as if i should stay asleep

To not wake up,drink, or, eat

All i do is stay in bed wide awake

With the same feeling of my body ached and break

Delicate features with delicate feelings

Im sensitive like petals on a flower

Bright i seem but i am wilting

¨help¨ i scream but i'm constantly stepped on with the same weight

being crushed on me

Is it sad that I can't breathe

It's been normal for a while you see

When your lungs feel suffocated like you've drowned

By the endless pour of water continuously bringing you down

Are other people as messed up as me?

Do they have the urge to do nothing but just scream?

I dont if im the only one but

My sunflower sadness is never gone but maybe just begun.

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