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There is only so much hate a man can take

Especially when when all his boys are fake

So I had to speak up

Let y’all know so it can stop

I’m quiet

So y’all talk smack and deny it

I never use to speak to sting

But there is a first time for everything


Y'all look down on me  

And push me to the ground

Step over me and then stare me down

Like just cuz I’m down means

I’ma stay down and rest in it

But I know no situation is gon’ be permanent

So to all my haters

And all my homies who turned traitors

I got nothing but love for ya’ll

I’m happy I knew you all

But I’m in a new place

And I’ma say it to your face

Cuz the truth shall set you free

My truths, I got three

I’ma be straight as can be

Ain’t snapchat so no filtering from me

Open your blind eyes and look into my pain

I’m saying it once and I ain’t saying it again

No sequel

I’m quiet so y'all try’na act loud in vain

Pure evil

My first truth is ‘bout why you people

Talk all the walk but can’t walk the talk

And get mad at me when I walk your talk

Without talking any of all your walk

Y’all just jelly

Mad cuz I take your place and try-barely

Taunt me all you want

Still I beat y’all to the front

Break up everything I made

Undo every single braid

But I know y’all just afraid

Cuz your fame about to fade

F- I’m just being straight about your grade

Really I ain’t mean no shade

Heck I do, but it never mattered how y’all played

These words ain't a diss

I just tell it as it is

To get y’all off my premises

And you can think about it on your way back down

Like why did homie send me all the way back down

And why this homie talking ‘bout my life like that

And why this homie messing up my life like that


I got two more truths for y’all

You just took a huge fall

And  I just put y’all on blast

And brought up a hella trash from y’alls fake past

So I’ma take a step back now

And forgive the last two truths somehow

Now I know we ain’t homies no more

But maybe things can go back if we move on and ignore

So just take it to your heart

And for a change, that’s a start


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