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The rain pours outside. Splashing the rooftop of our school with its endless drops, the water slowly entering our cracked ceiling, before stopping into a single droplet.


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Each one echoing with my heartbeat. The bell rings. I’m alone again…


Tip Top


That sound won't stop. Those solitary drops fall with such cadence, with such regularity that it disgusts me. Yet, it causes ripples in my own sea of unconsciousness. As if it laid motionless for my own security, before moving with the rhythm of the rain, causing no less than big waves.


Tip          Mom, Jimmy does it again! He stole my pink raincoat.


Top         Jimmy, dear, why do you always do that? You know princes don’t wear pink.


Tip         Where did we go wrong? Can’t you see how the neighbors look at us?


Top         Are you a boy or a girl? Make up your mind!




Wrinkles appear on my forehead, as I close my eyes. With silent fear, armed only with the pink raincoat, I dashed madly into the storm, shielding myself from the hateful rain. Unbeknown to me, drops of my own run down my face. Maybe all I wanted was I love you.