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“Katie Ryan and Aiden Ryan you are late again.” said Mrs. James in a terrible, scary voice. “Sorry Mrs. James it won’t happen again.” Aiden and I said together. Aiden and I are twins so we say the exact same things at the exact same time. I don’t know if that is normal but I ignore it because it happens all the time. I live in Nashville, Tennessee which I think is in the middle of nowhere, and that means that there isn’t anything special here except the Parthenon by Vanderbilt University. I live in a two story house with my dad and my brother. My dad owns a bank so he is able to afford private school, and our big house. I’ve never met my mother before but my dad said she was very wise and her name was Athena. I’m guessing not the real Athena because a lot of people have the name Athena. That’s all my dad would tell me about my mother and I couldn’t find any pictures of of her which was strange. I think it’s weird because every couple in the world at least has a picture of each other somewhere. But I found nothing. My dad said Aiden and I looked just like her we had her eyes and her hair color and her wisdom. I thought that was strange because I have long wavy blond hair and gray winter blue eyes I also wore jean shorts and T-shirts. Aiden looked about the same, same hair color but his hair was short, same eyes, but he wore pants and T-shirts.So if my mom looked like me I would be surprised because I don’t like how I look. I hate how I look because I always get dress coded because my shorts are to short or I get in a fight and always win.I also hate myself because of my hair it’s so long it always gets tangled or gets caught on something. at down next to my best friend Samantha but everyone who has a close relationship with her calls her Sammy. Sammy is so pretty, she has beautiful curly strawberry blond hair that never gets tangled or caught on anything. She always wears beautiful dresses that are always in dress code. I’m so lucky I get to be her best friend because everyone listens to her unlike me, nobody ever listens to me. Sammy, Aiden, and I all have ADHD and dyslexia. I guess our friendship started because of it. ADHD and dyslexia aren’t much help in school because we always get distracted or can’t read. But something that is extremely strange is that I can read and speak fluent Greek along with my brother and Sammy. Sometimes we have secret conversations in Greek. I don’t know what’s normal anymore. So far Aiden and I have been expelled from eight different schools even though we are only in the sixth grade and eleven. Adding to that, Sammy has been expelled from five different schools and she’s also eleven. Anyway I’m so excited for my second class because it’s Greek history and how to speak the language! My teacher, Ms. Roccet is the best person on earth. She is so nice, kind, and caring unlike Mrs. James.  Today we’re going to the Parthenon, I’m so joyful right know I don’t how to explain it I’m just so happy. As we were on the bus Sammy sat next to me and two other girls Maile and Maria were sitting behind us. Maile and Maria are the “popular” girls which I find very irritating because they are so annoying. Maile has a big crush on my twin Aiden, but of course I don’t let her get near him. Maria on the other hand is even worse she bullies me and Sammy non stop. But Sammy and I don’t get offended because I know what they say isn’t true. But anyway once we got to the front of the Parthenon we say a man waiting for us to arrive. Once we stepped off the bus the man said “Hello my name is Mr. Wieze and I will be your tour guide today. Once everyone is ready I would like to start the tour. Everyone ready? Okay let’s go boys and girls!”. As we walked through the galleries I felt something strong building up in my body. I heard a little soft voice telling me this is where I’m supposed to be and I felt it. Sammy told me she also had that feeling and had that little voice in our head. A couple of minutes later Aiden came over to us and he said he also had that same feeling. “Alright, now what is this statue of?” Mr. Wieze said with a stern but kind face, pointing at a statue of Athena. “That’s Athena.” Aiden and I said at the same time. Mr. Weize looked at us curiously and then said “Correct”. Next we went over to a statue of Zeus, Mr. Wieze asked Sammy. Sammy glances at it quickly and then said “Zeus I think.” Mr. Weize stared at her and then said “That is correct Sammy.”. I didn’t know how Mr. Wieze knew Sammy’s name but I really didn’t care. We moved on to the next gallery and it was all about Kronos. Mr. Weize said to Aiden “Who is this person and is he a titan or a god?” Aiden replied “Um, I’m pretty sure that’s Kronos and he was a titan.” Mr. Wieze seemed to act surprised that Aiden knew that but I wasn’t. When Aiden and I were about five years old we looked at different books about Greek mythology, we both love it so much. “Correct” Mr. Wieze said proudly. I didn’t know why he kept calling on Sammy, Aiden, and I but he kept making us answer. Once we came to the Aphrodite gallery he called on Sammy to answer who the gallery was about Sammy practically knew this of the top of her head “Aphrodite, that lady is Aphrodite” Sammy said. Mr. Wieze replied “I would of talked about my mother in a little better tone”. Sammy looked shocked “What?!”, Sammy’s face was so pale it scared me it looked as if she were about to faint. “I’m sorry I get mixed up with all the students I see all day.” Mr. Wieze said as if he were making that up. Ms. Roccet eyes him with a glare which I thought was surprising because Ms. Roccet is always so nice. Sammy looked over at me “Katie do you know if my mother really is Aphrodite?” she said with a nervous face. “I don’t think so how could your mom be a made up Greek goddess.” I replied. Sammy still didn’t look so sure. As we continued on Ms. Roccet pulled Sammy, Aiden, and I aside. She told all of our other classmates to stay away so they don’t get detention. Mr. Wieze kept his eye on us like he didn’t trust Ms. Roccet at all. Ms. Roccet suddenly turned into Medusa. Quickly Medusa called “Maile, Maria get over here so we can kill them!”. I was shocked, before my eyes Maile and Maria turned into gruesome Minotaurs. I couldn’t move until Mr. Wieze stepped in the way and shouted “Run, I can stall them but not for long!” Mr. Wieze pulled out a large polished sword a stabbed Maria in the heart. Blood spilled everywhere, it was very messy. Then suddenly Maria vanished, from what I know Greek monsters disappear and then respon in Tartarus. Maile let out a huge roar and cave speeding towards Aiden, Sammy, and I. Mr. Wieze tossed me a sword and I tried to stab Maile in the heart just like Mr. Wieze did but it was to difficult so I cut off her leg. Then again even more blood spilled out of the Minotaur. It was so frightening, before I knew it my sword was in the middle of the Minotaur, Maile cried with pain and then vanished. While I was fighting Maile, Mr. Wieze was having his own fight. Before we knew it Medusa was dead on the floor, even more blood. I realized that our classmates were not where they were before the fight, luckily I found out they were all same on our campus. All of a sudden two gorgeous women were standing next to us. Mr. Wieze bowed down in front of the two women. “It’s alright Charlie, please get up.” one of the women said. I was guessing Charlie was Mr. Wieze’s first name. One of the women who had hair just like Sammy’s cape over to her and said “This might make you shocked but I am Aphrodite and your mother Samantha Elizabeth Legend.” Sammy came closer. “Your my mother?” she asked. “Yes” the women replied again. Sammy have her mother a big hug, I could tell tears were coming to her eyes. The other women who looked exactly like Aiden and I came over to us and said “You both have grown so much.” the women looked as if she were about to cry. “Are you my mother?!” Aiden and I said together. “Couldn’t you tell?” she said in a kind voice. “So your Athena? Like the real Greek goddess Athena?” I asked meaningfully. “Yes” my mother replied. I started tearing up, as my brother hugged our mother so hard I thought she would suffocate. “Aiden Oliver Ryan you were always such a hugger I was surprised you weren’t a sin of Aphrodite.” she said as we all were laughing together. “Katie Amanda Ryan come here and give your mother a hug.” I crept closer to my mother I felt like a part of my life had just come back to me. As Aiden and I were hugging our mother everything was starting to make sense. I could tell Sammy was thinking the same thing. I was so happy I was finally meeting my mom, I was overjoyed. I asked my mother “Does this mean Greek gods, monsters, and creatures are real?” my mother sighed but with a smile she replied “yes”. As we were walking out of the Parthenon I realized something important. I realized my life is complete.

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