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Why Raccoons Have a Black Mask Looking Thing on There Face


By: Medina Vaghayenegar


       Once upon a time, the Raccoon had perfectly clean and stripeless gray fur. One day the Raccoon thought out loud

“I want to be a ninja.’’  So he went to Squirrel and told him “ Would you like to be my partner in crime we are  going to be a ninja?”

“Sure, but where are we going to train at and where are we going to get masks at?”

“Don't worry about that.” Raccoon replied


    So Raccoon got out his phone and bought two black masks for him and Squirrel.  Then raccoon explained to Squirrel

“ The masks will be here in two days so I will go to the training center today and get us membership.” then squirrel replied

“Okay I will go with you.” so then they went to go get their memberships.


    “Package for Mr.Raccoon,” the mailman said firmly while knocking on the door. Then raccoon excitedly screamed

“It's finally here!” so Raccoon went to his and signed for the package and brought inside and opened it then called Squirrel and told him

“ The package came.” then Squirrel replied,

“ I can't do the ninja thing anymore I'm so sorry.”  

“Oh, okay but do you want your mask?”

“You can have to give it to someone else to become a ninja with.”

“Ok.”  so then they hung up and raccoon went to his sister Raccoon and he told her his plan and what happened a convinced her to become a ninja with him so then they went to try on the masks and they fit perfectly!


    Then they went to the training center and trained for about 6 months. Raccoon told his little sister

“Ok let's go home and get on our mask then wait tonight for a crime.”

“Sounds like a great plan to me.” Raccoonie agreed.


    So they went home and put on their mask. At about 9:30 pm there was a robbery at his neighbor's house so they went and caught the robber and took him to jail so that he would not rob anyone again. So after they filed all of the police reports they went home and took off their masks but there was a problem. The masks had permanent hair dye on it. Raccoon went to his packaging and he just realized that he bought prank mask and that Raccoon and Raccoonie both had hair dye and it would wash off.


    That is the story of why raccoons have that mask looking line on there face.


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