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broken and hurt


trapped in her nightmare.

long nights, dirty money

a wench to their desires

they say there is no varnish

to protect her

from the venom—

the venom of indifference

she is a yielding, silent mirror

lacking luster

and those who cracked her surface

refuse to pick up her scattered shards


I pass by an abandoned bridge,

warped, rusted.

its quiet strength undermined,

falling apart

the poison in the air

the poison of the people

gnarled its youthful spine

they say there is no varnish strong enough

to maintain the bridge.

the bridge is nothing more

than a ghost—

a ghost of its sprightly past.


the devouring waters

eat away at her innards

she remained calm and poised

and took the pain of the striking waves

to provide comfort and leisure for others.

the strong bridge I once knew is long gone.

toppling over with the toxicity

of indifference.


they say there is no varnish

but they have not looked.

and moved onto another

not once glancing back

at the bridge they shattered.

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