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There once was a girl named

star who was 18, she was in the sandiego circus and loved trapeze!!! She also had a high interest in baton twirling and she was always top of her classes, but one day, they were practicing at the circus tent, and this happened:

“Alright star! Good job, just kick harder on that handspring and you will be good to go!” said the ring master to star  while watching her routine. Star dropped down and grabbed her water bottle, and went over to the huddle. “That was awesome work! Our next practice is tomorrow so don’t be late!” finished the ringmaster very sternly, “Burnie!” called out star (the ringmaster’s name is burnie) “I'm so excited to do the diego drop!” she said very poppy.


The diego drop was a trapeze act when a person (star) would jump off the trapeze, with a baton in their hand and the baton would release a parachute located inside the baton. “I know! That's why practice is important!” he said and they both left, but 5 minutes later, star came back to practice the stunt. She climbed up to the type rope, baton in her hand, and she jumped! She clicked the button that released the parachute, but she just kept falling until snap went her arm!

She woke up hours later to a cast on her arm, she was told she couldn't perform any more, until she had a crazy idea! “Will you cut off my arm and give me a fake arm?” and so the doctors did and she became the best injured  performer.

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