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I reached for my phone as it dinged for what seemed like the hundredth time. The cold phone vibrated in my hand as texts continued into my inbox. Who was Sammy J? I didn’t know anyone by the name of Sammy. Especially not one that could recount every day of my life. The noise of the texts had become an unbearable rhythm pounding on my temples. “ April 26, 2014. You woke up late and vomited on your bed. You stayed home that day and almost cried when a TV character died. That’s also the day you told Marcus you liked him over snapchat.” Reading that text sent shivers down my spine. I had been home alone they couldn’t have possibly known that I almost cried. Finally the messaging stopped. As I read the last one a sense of calm washed over me. “Lol! I’m just kidding! It’s me, Sara. I just got my new phone!” Suddenly I realized. Even my best friend would not have known that I woke up late on April 26, 2014.

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