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She fell. For what seemed like decades she fell, wind whistling in her ears and cool rain on her face. A face that was full of panic. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

That thought had only just registered when the water rose up to meet her. It grabbed her like a giant hand, pulling her into the depths of defeat. Then Pain came in. He swam over and pulled the breath out of her lungs, forced her limp figure down, down, down.

She finally relaxed. Her face was empty of motion, of feeling. All she had ever known was pain, and cold, and darkness. That’s where I came in. I, a savior, though many fear me. I don’t blame them. What’s not to fear about Death?

But she welcomed me. I pulled her from the darkness and blew her small soul away. To a different place. One free of pain, and suffering, and the chains of life. A better place.

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