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So far as we can judge from our ex changes these tribunals are favorably 10garded by the mass of ihe benple. A communication n the Mount Ciemens Patriot says : "TheCounty Court in this counly lias nlready dispatchec! more business than would have been done in the Circuit Court in four year, and at veiy trifling expense lo the Tnx-pnyers. The county has had QQ Jurors to pay, as tfioy would haVB had to do in the Circuits. True,the parties have been obliged to pay nll these expenses, and who besides ought to pay it ï There lias been fehlered, irl theCounty Court, forly-five c-tes, of which, f.rlv cases have bsen d'sposed of - can any one believe ihat forty cai:s?s in ihc Circuit Court would have been Hispoged of in thit time - or even ir. four years? Have they not been as justly, and inevery respect as ccrractly dispospd of ns they would have been in iheCircuii Court? II" parlies are disa;isfied.wiih tliejndgme ti of the County Courl, thoy have a remedy by removing rheir causes to il higher court lor review, at the small exrense of two dollars. But strange as il may appear, not one judgment hns been set aside, althöugh we have had one circuit court held herë since all the relurns (four in nunibcr,) have been made to ihe writs of Cerlioran. Is' not tbis an evidenr-o thnt the parties thus far have heen satisfied.'