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If only I could tell you

how you make me feel.

I’m alone with you in a crowded room

Lost in your eyes, startled as the loud gong booms.

You turn around and say to me,

Sadye, what’cha up to?

I look up from my book,

I think we both knew.

Your voice is smooth like a sax,

Your eyes stick to mine like honey.

Yet, you peeled away to make money.


If only I had told you

Before you had to go.

I still remember our talks at the piano,

We’d talk about books, and people that we knew.

That February, you said you wouldn’t remember me.

Pain in my heart, tears in my eyes

Because I know it’s true

You won’t remember me, but I’ll remember you.


If only I could tell you it’s not true.

If only I could lie

And deny I feel the way I do.

‘Yo, that’s crazy’, he said.

But crazy to who?

Every one knew, everyone except you.


The reason I won’t tell him

How he makes me feel, is

I see the way he looks at her.

Lost in her eyes, hung up

On every word.

I think it’s beautiful, that he feels that way about her.

It’s for the best,

‘Cause when they marry

Someone’s gotta catch the flowers.


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